Not in as much of a hurry today, so woke up at 8:30am and didn’t get out of bed until nearly 10am…ah, heaven!

Today is a day to notice more and more of the little things (in the rain).

Details, details, details…

If it rains, people are out with squeegees and mops on the ground while it’s still raining.

In the Venice area of Mediterranean Harbor:
…the Japanese gondola drivers say “Bongiorno” and sing Italian songs.
…one window front had Italian-style marionettes.

In the Cape Cod area of American Waterfront:
….the storefront signs all move.
…there is a restaurant that has a blue ribbon on the menu because that dish won first prize at the County Fair.
…there is an ongoing show, with characters, in the eating area of that restaurant.
…there is a REAL, extremely well-tended vegetable garden growing next to a “house,” with tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, etc., because that’s what you would find next to a lot of American houses.

On the steamship of American Waterfront…
…there are multiple decks (Steerage, Promenade, etc).
…there is a shuffleboard board on one of the decks.
…The Teddy Roosevelt Lounge (a bar) has bears holding the bar up.
…there are curtains on the windows of the ship, even on the back side, where the only people who can see are people on the monorail or people on the public road.
…smoke comes out of the smokestack.
…it has a tugboat that makes noise.
…there is coal that is prepared to be loaded onto the ship.
…Tokyo Bay is just beyond the berm so it looks like the ship really is in port.

In the buffeteria of Port Discovery…
…CM’s give out plastic umbrella sleeves at the entrance so you don’t drip
…they use cloth napkins
…CM’s stand by the cash registers, bring your tray to your table and grab any utensils or condiments you may have forgotten to bring.

During the Porto Paradiso show (which is a daytime show on the water) all of the characters and CMs were in rain gear.

We are 90% sure we heard Kurt von Schmittou at the end of the Porto Paradiso soundtrack. He had told me in an email that he is on most, if not all of the newer TDL and TDS soundtracks.

I am 75% sure that Donn Lamkin does the “Welcome to the Tokyo Disney Line station” and at least one TDS shpiels.

2 to 3 people clean each popcorn cart at the end of the night. Fastidiously.

The use of forced perspective is AMAZING for the big mountain in Mysterious Island…from that land it looks like it’s 500 feet tall, but when you see it from behind, I’d guesstimate it’s less than 200 feet tall.

Just so, SO much attention to detail. Just incredible.