Wow. Just WOW. EVERYTHING about this concert was a total and complete wow!

I had gotten tickets through Ticketmaster, pretty much the split second they went on sale. After convincing myself that they were going to sell out before I had a chance to buy mine, I was happy that I got through. When I saw that we had Section 122, I was happy because we were on the lower level (when we saw Phil Collins a few years ago, we were in the 2nd tier) but, with Row BB, figured we were in the 28th row of the section (A through Z, then AA and finally BB).

So we get there, and yes, they have rows A through whatever, but AA through FF are in the FRONT, closer to the stage, not the BACK. So we had second row. SECOND ROW! For BILLY JOEL! And if that wasn’t enough, our tickets (5, 6 and 7) were on the LEFT side of the section! Holy shit, we were LESS THAN FORTY FEET FROM THE STAGE!

I took this picture after the show was over. Start at stage level and look towards the left, until you get to a shorter-than-the-rest section that has a white/silver gate/fence going up and down its border (there are 2 people still sitting in the front row of the section). See the 2 people standing right next to the gate? One in a white shirt and one in a black shirt? That’s where we were, in the 2nd row, right next to the gate.

The show was just great…he stayed at the piano for about 90% of the performance, and the piano turned 180 degrees every few songs so “the people who had the good view had the shitty view now”. He played almost all of his hits and a handful of songs that only his biggest fans would know (I like him a lot but am admittedly not one of his biggest fans and didn’t know Zanzibar and a small handful of others). The playlist was:

Prelude/Angry Young Man
My Life
Everybody Loves You Now
The Entertainer
Summer, Highland Falls
Don’t Ask Me Why
Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway)
New York State of Mind
All About Soul
Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)
An Innocent Man
Keeping The Faith
She’s Always A Woman
I Go To Extremes
The River of Dreams
Highway To Hell
We Didn’t Start The Fire
Big Shot
It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me
You May Be Right
Only The Good Die Young
Scenes From an Italian Restaurant
Piano Man

When we didn’t have the shitty view. Sorry for the fuzzy pictures…camera phone with no zoom.

Joe, Rob and I started laughing during “Big Shot”. Listen to the lyrics one day…for those “in the know,” should that be Dickhead’s personal theme song or what? HAHAHAHA!!!

The show ran about 2 hours without an intermission and the crowd (overwhelmingly in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, with a few 20-something hoochies with lots of cleavage) was well-behaved. Rob commented that only Billy Joel, the Stones and a few other groups could have fans in the audience who were waving their canes in the air (grin). But MAN, what a good time we had!

I have wanted to see Billy Joel for a long, long time and, in fact, seeing him in concert was one of the goals that I set for myself when I was a kid and the next-to-last one that I haven’t done. I saw all 4 Monkees together in stage in 1989. I’ve owned a dog (my parents wouldn’t let me get a dog when I was a kid). I’ve seen Paul McCartney in concert (twice, actually; 2002 and 2005). And now I’ve seen Billy Joel. That leaves just one more lifelong goal and THAT one is going to be met this September. All goals met; I’ll be done. What’s a girl to do? Welp, since I don’t plan on dying yet (I know that disappoints some people but, sorry, I have MUCH more evil I still need to do [wink]), I guess I better start thinking of some more goals…

2/12 ETA: