Our last day. And for me, the most exciting day. You know how you have a mental list of the things you want to do before you die? Your “bucket list”? Today would be the day that I completed my list. I’ve had a dog. I’ve seen Billy Joel in concert. I’ve seen all 4 Monkees in concert at the same time. I’ve seen Paul McCartney in concert (twice). I’ve gone to the Grand Canyon, Alcatraz, and the other side of the world (twice. each.). And today I would go white water rafting down the Colorado River. I was PSYCHED!

We got to “sleep in” today. 7:30am! Yee-ha! Geez, who would ever think that I would be grateful for a 7:30am wake-up call? Breakfast was again buffet style, the same style food as yesterday (Joe talked me into trying one of their cinnamon buns and WOW were they GREAT!) and was available from 6:30am (hardee-har-har) until 9am. With just T-shirts and shorts over bathing suits, we got out of the room fast enough and were ready to board the bus at 9am.

Tom drove us a few miles upriver to the drop off point for Adrift Adventures. One of our rowers, Lance, gave us a quick debriefing of what to expect and how to put our life jackets on and after a little more preparation, we split roughly in half into the 2 rafts. Ours was (wo)manned by a nice young lady named Jane (you know you’re getting old when you refer to someone in her early 20’s as a “young lady”).

Getting ready for rafting

We started off slowly because the wind was blowing HARD upstream. Jane and Lance both had really strong arms and slowly but surely we floated down the river.

Jane doing her thing

And Lance doing his

Here we go!

We hit Class 1 and 2 rapids; mostly Class 1’s but the one Class 2 was just AMAZINGLY fun. We all got wet (some more than others; I got REALLY wet on the Class 2) and that water was COLD…probably somewhere in the 60’s.

Mike and Chris and, later on, Mark, actually went INTO the water for a few minutes. Word of the day = “shrinkage”

Chris enjoying a cup of hot cocoa after his little dip

We could see the Red Cliffs Lodge from our rafts!

Some more gorgeous scenery

And not so gorgeous. This area was known as “Dead Man’s Curve” and with good reason. Someone drove their car off the cliff.

Chris and Janet (our raft) and Mike and Marcia (the other raft) all took tries at rowing. All in all, WOW, was it fun and everything I hoped it would be!

After a quick change of clothes from 12pm to 12:30pm, we enjoyed sandwiches, chips, oranges and mini candy bars on the porch by the teepee’s. After that, it was “on our own time”…I had a 1:30pm massage with Felix scheduled, while Joe went on another arches tour.

North Window

Joe sitting in North Window

North & South Windows

Turret Arch

Double Arch

After my massage, I relaxed, walked around the resort, took more photos and wrote more blog stuff on the back porch of the lodge, facing the beautiful scenery.

Our shoes after 2 hikes and walking through sand after a rafting trip

Some teepees on the property

Now THIS is the life!

Dinner was scheduled for 7pm and was a cowboy-style affair, with BBQ steaks, chicken breasts, beans, corn on the cob, potatoes and coffee and vanilla ice cream with all the fixin’s for dessert. We were entertained by Sand Sheff, the foreman of the ranch who used to sing professionally in Nashville.

Cooking the steaks

Grub’s on the table!

Sand Sheff

Following dinner, we gathered together in the Colorado Room for a wrap-up session. On our first night, Mike and Chris had asked each of us to share what our expectations of the trip were and what we were looking forward to the most. Tonight we again went around the room and discussed what our favorite memory of the trip was. We all agreed it was a wonderful vacation that went by WAY too quickly. The finale was a special creation that Chris and Mike had worked on.

We all exchanged e-mail addresses and spent another hour or so chit-chatting. What a great group of people we shared our vacation with! I really hope we can all keep in touch!

And in case anyone was wondering…what do you do when you’ve done everything on your bucket list? You add to your list, of course! Recent additions include Class 3 rapids and possibly skydiving…if Joe ever lets me (grin). And if you thought there was any other possible answer to the “What do you do when…” question, welp, tough shit, I ain’t goin’ nowhere! (grin)