The day started with a 7:30am wake up call…why are we always more willing to wake up early when we’re on vacation? After quick showers and getting ready for the day, we drove the mile downtown to get to our 10am Spa reservations. We purposely left early so we’d have time to stop off for coffee. Good thing we did because parking was a BITCH to find. The first 2 garages we hit were already full but we finally found one a little further away, on MLK Blvd., that had some open spots.

After walking the 3 or 4 blocks towards the spa, with 5 minutes to spare we stopped off at Panera for coffee (for those of you who have followed our exploits on past vacations, no, we didn’t stop at the Starbuck’s that was next-door to the spa. Starbuck’s coffee is good for when you’re overseas or in unfamiliar territory and don’t know what the local coffee could be like…too dark like espresso? Or flavorless colored water? You just don’t know. At least with Starbuck’s you know what you’re going to get. But given a choice of Panera or Starbuck’s, right across the street from each other, Panera will ALWAYS win out, hands down).

With our coffee gulped down, we went to Vanilla Day Spa to start our day. Joe had a 60 minute facial scheduled, followed by a 90-minute massage, while I indulged in a 60 minute facial, 60 minute body scrub/exfoliation and 30 min head/neck/shoulders massage. We agreed it was wonderful although it sounds, from his description, that the girl who did Joe’s massage was really, REALLY good. Funny story though…I’ve had multiple massages and facials in my day but have never gone for the body scrub…so I didn’t really know what to expect. The woman who was scheduled to do my scrub was giving me directions (I’ll be out of the room – do this, do that, take your clothes off, lay under the towel on your back, with your feet facing in this direction and with THIS sheet covering your boobs – I’ll be back in 5 minutes) when she handed me this plastic-wrapped package (dime shown for size reference):

And before she explained what it was, my first thought was, “This is a little big to be a rubber, and why the hell is she giving me one of those, anyway?!?!?!” The next moment she explained that it was disposable panties which, yes, would make sense. So she tells me to put them on. OK fine…have YOU ever seen one of these thing outside of the package? I hadn’t.

(I promise this are a new, clean pair. I asked for a new set specifically for amusing picture-taking opportunities)

And it’s not like I’m a thong sort of gal (yeah, I know y’all needed to know that) so I’m not quite sure HOW they’re supposed to go on. So I try one way and no, they don’t feel right AT ALL. So I put them on the other way and they’re still not COMFORTABLE but they’re definitely better than the first way I put them on.

(Above and below: Yes? No? Right way? Wrong way?)

And the only thing I could think of was Kurt’s Graves saying, “I’m wearing a thong! (pause) Backwards!” Hopefully no one was listening at the door or they’d hear me laughing to myself at the thought.

So anyway, the spa was a successful plan and very relaxing, overall. But the disposable panties, not so much.

Joe noticed a tea house, The Savannah Tea Room, a few doors down from the spa so we agreed to go there for lunch.

Our server was a very cute lady who I would bet anything was from Japan (no, I didn’t ask. But I was THIS close). They didn’t serve High Tea until 2:30pm and it was only 1, so we had lunch instead of traditional Tea. That was fine though…Joe got a shrimp caesar salad while I got a delicious cheddar turkey quiche. Both meals came with a side salad, a scone, a biscotti that tasted like shortbread, apple and orange slices, a small piece of cake (which, sorry, although good, tasted like it came from Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines mix) and, of course, a small pot of tea (me: Savannah Breakfast, Joe: Green Earl Grey). It was a nice, refreshing atmosphere, although a little more contemporary than, say, the Grand Floridian Tea. The food, tea and service were good though and we definitely enjoyed ourselves.

After Tea, we walked the block or two to the Savannah Riverwalk, which looked like a bunch of 18th  19th century buildings (warehouses and factories?), parts of which had been converted to restaurants, bars, candy stores, crap shops and touristy trolley stop-offs.

We walked up and down the strip for an hour or two but didn’t find a whole lot that piqued our interest.

We were getting sleepy by 3:30ish so we walked back to the car and, after buying gas at the teeniest tiniest BP station we’ve ever seen (had to leave the gas station property to turn around), we drove back to the hotel and took a delicious 90-minute nap.

We woke up at 6-6:30 and, after doing some research, decided to get dinner at a restaurant called The Olde Pink House. Here is the description of the place in Fodor’s: “This pink-brick Georgian mansion was built in 1771 for James Habersham, one of the wealthiest Americans of his time, and the old-time atmosphere comes through in the original Georgia pine floors of the tavern, the Venetian chandeliers, and the 18th-century English antiques.” Any 18th-century building piques my interest. The fact that it was rated the 2 restaurant in Savannah (just behind Mrs. Wilkes, which we’re visiting tomorrow) on helped even more.

The building was adorable and really, REALLY old. The service was terrific. And the food was just AMAZING! Joe had the calamari appetizer, which was fried in cornmeal and dusted in powdered sugar, while I had a salad with a sweet & sours dressing which was to die for. For a main course Joe had the flounder, one side flash fried and the other side left to sit in the base sauce for extra flavor, with a side of hoppin’ john (black eyed peas, wild rice and collard greens), while I had the crispy duck with crepes of seasonal vegetables and fruit in a vinegar-based sauce. We shared a triple chocolate cake for dessert that we both thought was AEWSOME. The whole meal was just WOW and honestly, any other restaurant is going to be hard-pressed to impress us more!

With our bellies full, we drove home and finished out evening. Tomorrow we’re planning Mrs. Wilkes for brunch, a Ghost Tour scheduled at 9pm and in between we’re probably going to do a walking tour to oogle at the big ol’ opulent houses of Savannah. Until next time…