This morning marked just about the only piece of unpleasantness about our whole trip. With plans to do virtually all of our packing before we left and then check out by 11am, we had an 8am wake-up call. Wake-up calls hadn’t been a problem for the whole trip and, in fact, had been very prompt. This morning we woke up, on our own, at 9:41am. No wake up call. WTF!?!? Joe called down to Guest Services and the girl he spoke to said she DID call us at 8am but no one picked up the phone and she had made a notation as such. Joe reiterated this to me, which I replied, “Bullshit.” The phone in the room was LOUD and although Joe has been known to sleep through an alarm on occasion, I’m not EVER one to sleep through an alarm or phone ringing. So the girl messed up somehow…either dialed the wrong room or didn’t call at all…but even if she DID call like she said and no one picked up the phone, wouldn’t it make sense to call again at, say, 8:15am? Dumbass. Now, don’t get me wrong…this didn’t ruin our vacation at all and, of course, if we had solid plans (like if we needed to catch a plane at a certain time), we would never, ever “just” trust a wake-up call and would have set our own alarm as well, like we always do. But it was still annoying that we had to rush. Joe did tell her that because we were up an hour and a half later than we thought, that we might wind up checking out later. She asked, “How much later?” so Joe replied, “I don’t know. Probably up to an hour and a half.” DUH. She said she would tell her manager about the possibility but as it turned out, we managed to check out a few minutes before 11am anyway.

We had breakfast/Sunday Brunch at a cute little restaurant called Firefly Cafe (it was another one from Trip Advisor. As it turned out, we ate at 4 of their Top 7 places in Savannah).

(Joe sitting outside Firefly Cafe)

Joe had the Bay Street Hash and I had the Savannah Eggs Benedict with a side of hash browns. Both of our meals were terrific!

After brunch, we went back to the Savannah Visitor’s Center to buy a door hanging/planter I had seen the other day (didn’t want to carry it with us all day on Friday).

(Savannah Visitor’s Center. It used to be a train station.)

The lady at the ticket window for the museum said “Welcome back” and the guy at the gift shop remembered me as well (swear to god, it’s a curse. I can NEVER go somewhere unnoticed, hehehe). After a quick pee for the road, we were officially on our way by 12:45pm.

The trip was uneventful. We made a few quick stops, including the Florida Welcome Center…

(In my 3 trips of riding I-95 south towards Orlando, I had never stopped at the Florida Welcome Center)

…and the Stuckey’s near St. Augustine (I was happy to see that we passed 3 or 4 Stuckey’s on the trip. I don’t care how ugly and outdated Stuckey’s are…they’re kitchy and I’ve always loved ’em! They’re back up to 200 stores now).

(I’m stuck on Stuckey’s!)

We finally got to J&A’s house at 6:30 or so, picked up Pippi and drove home, tired but happy.

Overall, I think Savannah is a beautiful little city, with lots of history. The people are polite as can be and I love the architecture and the old trees with the Spanish moss hanging from them are just a sight to behold. Do I think we’ll be going back on vacation there in the near future? Probably not. Granted, it’s lovely but we’ve both been there now and it’s sort of “done”, with little that we would really want to see a second time. However if and when we plan other car trips that would requiring driving through or even near Savannah, I’m sure we’ll make it our business to stop by our favorite places, like Mrs. Wilkes and the Old Pink House. Whatever the case, it’s definitely a trip to remember!