As of 5:01pm Pacific Time on Monday, gay and lesbian couples are now allowed to legally marry in the state of California. MA, of course, already allows gay marriage, albeit only for residents of MA. And when the hell is the rest of the country going to wake up, smell the coffee and let the other 48 states do the same thing? Seriously, what is SO WRONG about two men or two women loving each other so much that they want to vow to live the rest of their lives together in holy matrimony? Someone please tell me what is so horrible about that? Because marriage is for procreation? Hello, there are PLENTY of babies being born out of wedlock and PLENTY of heterosexual couples who choose to not have children. Is it “the biggie,” because “God” or “the bible” say so? First prove to me that the bible is anything more than an overrated storybook, or that a diety named “God” exists…that they are based on any sort of proven fact and not just blind faith, and I’ll consider that particular thought of reason.

I just don’t understand why this is considered “evil”:

Or that this is “bad”:

When this is OK:

As long as the couple is comprised of two adults who love each other, what’s the difference? Are people so self-focused that the thought of two men or two women “doing it” makes them so uncomfortable that they insist on keeping it outlawed? Well, too bad…there are plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of things that the freaks of the world do that make others uncomfortable but that doesn’t mean typical people should have a say in what the freaks do. Why can’t society stop paying attention to what happens in gay peoples’ bedrooms and give ALL adults the same rights?

How sad is it that the GLBT community has had to “invent” Gay Days, just to reach the goal of having a day where gays and lesbians can be together in one place without the fear of stares or insults? Sure, there are plenty of people there who “dress up” for the occasion with funny shirts (or entire ensembles – remember my photo of the guy with the flamingo shirt and the pink parasol from Gay Days 2007?). But there are thousands of GLBTs who go to Gay Days just to be able to walk around the parks, hold hands and kiss in public without being stared at or insulted because they are within the cushion of the thousands of other people who are just like them (or the “straight but not narrow” people like me, who are open and accepting of the gay lifestyle). For that short week, their numbers are high enough where “same sex couples” are almost the norm, so people don’t pay as much attention. How sad is it that THAT’S one of the few times homosexual couples can feel comfortable enough to do innocent “couple stuff”, without feeling threatened? And all because narrow minded conservatives insist on inserting their views into gay adults’ private lives. How fucking crazy is that?