We managed to wake up at 8am instead of 7:30am for breakfast this day…still mondo early (especially for me), but not quite so bad as 7:30am. We switched, so I had slept on “my” side of the bed, and SLEEP I did! I wasn’t completely caught up from what I had missed the night before, but at least I got closer. Anyway, apparently there was ONE other couple with us for breakfast…and, since Lloyd’s son was back from wherever he had been, there was quite the spread, with a salsa quiche, bacon, sausage, cinnamon buns that were to DIE for, fruit, yogurt, coffee, and I forget what else. Still not as big as what we got on Saturday and Sunday but still and all, DELICIOUS stuff.

Today’s plan for Schlitterbahn was to hit the stuff we hadn’t hit yesterday and to repeat the stuff we wanted to go on again. Since we had pretty much hit everything at Schlitterbahn West and had no immediate plans to repeat anything there, we agreed to meet Steve at Blastenhoff at their 10am opening, so we could claim our picnic table and get lockers. As it was, we got there closer to 9:45am, but it was all good because so did Steve…we wound up being right behind him at the ticket line.

After dropping our stuff off and slathering on as much suntan lotion as was humanly possible, we hit the park:

(All ride descriptions have been taken from http://www.schlitterbahn.com)

Family Blaster
Attraction Rating: Red Diamond
Ride Type: Uphill family water coaster
Height Requirement: 42 inches tall
Ride Length: 554 feet
Water Source: Closed, treated system

Master Blaster (blue), Black Knight (black) and Wolfpack (yellow) all launch off Blastenhoff Tower. They are surrounded by The Torrent and are accessible by bridge, on the far end of the park.

Black Knight
Attraction Rating: Red Diamond
Tube Needed?: Yes, pick up at end of ride carry to start
Water Source: Chlorinated Municipal Water
Ride Length: Tunnel A 557 feet; Tunnel B 565 feet
Ride Height: 49 Feet
Height Requirement: No
Start Location: Blastenhoff on the tower with Master Blaster and Wolfpack
End Location: Inside Torrent

Attraction Rating: Red Diamond
Ride Type: Family downhill raft slide
Location: Blastenhoff Area
Height Requirement: None
Ride Height: 63 feet
Ride Length: 676 feet

The Torrent
Attraction Rating: Red Diamond
Ride Type: Wave river, tube ride
Location: Blastenhoff Area
Height Requirement: None
Ride Length: 1,088 feet
Water Depth: up to 4 feet
Water Source Closed, treated system

Throughout the day, we periodically went back to Boogie Bahn, so I could get my “fix” (grin). Besides Steve and Joe going on it once each, I managed to ride it about 6 times over the course of the vacation, and managed to stay on for anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds. I guess I need more practice.

When I mistakenly got 55,000 gallons per minute into my left eye on my 6th try, I decided I was done for the day. Joe and Steve had had enough too, so we went back to our hotels and got changed for this evening’s dinner, at a place called Myron’s Prime Steakhouse.

Myron’s, housed in the old Palace Movie Theatre in downtown New Braunfels, was a higher end establishment, with darker wood tones and an online menu that didn’t have prices on it (grin). To give a better idea, my main course, a small filet with 3 shrimp, was $35. Unfortunately, I never got to enjoy it because in between the salad and our main courses, I suddenly got 2 text messages in a row that said essentially the same thing: “Have you heard that The Adventurers Club is going to close?”

Oh No! Oh Dear God, Please No!

I quickly went to the Orlando Sentinel online and there it was, as a front page headline: “The party’s over at Pleasure Island: Disney to shut down 6 nightclubs.” I read the article out loud to Joe & Steve, finishing it just as our food arrived.

I ate 2 of the shrimp and took a couple of mouthfuls of my steak but I never really tasted any of it. The Adventurers Club was closing…that place I had been visiting for almost 16 years. Where I hung out 1, 2 or sometimes 3 times a week. Where so many talented and hysterically funny people work. It was my Song-of-the-South-esque “laughing place”. Closing. In 3 months. For forever. I was in total and absolute shock and all I wanted to do was (A) not cry in the restaurant and (B) leave the restaurant and go back to our hotel room. I managed to keep the tears pretty much in check as long as no one talked to me (especially about IT) and, blissfully, we left as soon as the meal was through, not bothering with dessert.

When we got back, Joe, with my assuring him that I would be OK, took his opportunity to see a Hootie & the Blowfish concert a few doors down from our B&B (they were playing a benefit concert…it was sold out but the “walls” of the venue were chicken wire so you could watch from the outside – well, until the cop in the ten-gallon hat made everyone stop “loitering”), so I was left alone to collect my thoughts and see what else I could find online. There was quite a bit, plus all the emails, text messages and private messages that I was receiving. In the first 12 hours that “the news” hit, I heard about it from no less than 8 people (4 of whom used to or continue to work at the Club) and my cell phone, as Joe said, was lighting up like a Christmas tree that night. It was when I was writing back to Robyn that it hit me HARD and the tears finally came…big, choking tears that came from deep inside, similar to the ones I cried when my dad died. Definitely tears of grief. It didn’t last long and I felt a little better afterwards…but thoughts of the Club and the people who worked there, were “right there”, either front and center in my brain or just under the surface, for pretty much the rest of the vacation.