Our last day began as all the other mornings had…waking up entirely too early (although we did “sleep in” until a luxurious 9am) and eating another delicious breakfast cooked by Lloyd’s son. Our plane didn’t take off until sometime after 2pm and checkout wasn’t until 11am, so we used our time after breakfast for last-minute packing.

Once we were all packed and the car was loaded, we walked down the road to Historic Downtown Gruene, to check out the various small-town crap shops on the main drag. There wasn’t a whole lot that piqued my interest, although I managed to find two “wine related” shirts (Pinot Gris & Pinot Noir) that fit me (size-wise AND personality-wise) to a T. We browsed around an antique shop as well…not because I’m much of an antique sort of person, but there was a lot of stuff to look at and it gave us something to do for a half-hour or so. Besides, Joe found some things at the shop that normally would have just caused an, “Oh, cool!” but now, with the new circumstances in our lives, they were near-treasures that brought tears to my eyes for a few seconds. And now they’re mine.

After exhausting all of the crap shops, we went back to the car and started our drive back to the airport. Before we got there though, we stopped off at Freddy’s to get frozen custard. Cuz we could.

We made it back to San Antonio Airport, brought the car back to Alamo, then grabbed the shuttle to our terminal. We had plans to meet Steve at the Famous Famiglia and he was already there when we arrived.

We ate some pizza, took and immediately sent the above picture to make Kurt jealous (VBEG) and, once it was available, boarded our plane to go home.

Although enjoyable overall, it had definitely been a vacation of highs and lows. It was our third year in a row of going to Schlitterbahn and although the water park is still a whole lot of fun, we’re just starting to get a “been there, done that” feeling for it. So before we burn out (and with the extended vacation plans we have for 2009), we’re not planning on going back next year. Maybe in 2010.

Before I finish with the vacation tales, here are a few pictures that bear some looking at, even if they really didn’t have anything to do with the stories I told:

The guy at Schlitterbahn with the big ass leopard bag

My “favoriate” example of bad spelling

This just happened cuz his hair was very wet but I thought Joe looked AWESOME with spiky hair, don’t you?