So here I am on the Disney Cruise, on the Disney Wonder. After closing the Club last night and doing some more last-minute packing, I finally went to bed at 2:40am…with my alarm set to go off at 7:00am. Oh joy. As of this writing (1:15pm Sunday) I haven’t self-destructed yet but I figure I’ll have a sleep meltdown sometime between now and dinnertime.

We (Joe, Tyler and I) arrived at the DCL just before 11am (Randé, Kyle, Randy and Jodie were THE first people on line. I think they camped out overnight, hehehe), strategically after the obsessive early birds (not that I’m mocking obsessive early birds…god knows I’ve been one myself, once or twice in my lifetime) but before the airport and resort people. We had no wait in line to get our paperwork in order and, thanks to our friends the early birds, still wound up being some of the first people on the ship.

Our first stop was the Vista Spa, because, as per Randy and Jodie (who had taken part on their last cruise) they were supposed to have some good deals on Spa packages before we left port. Not anymore. The “specials” only saved you about $20 or so…at an average of $100/hour, they could keep it, as far as I was concerned – vacation or no vacation, I could get a massage for roughly $1/minute at home – but some of the gang signed up for some of the services.

Next was a stop at Parrot Cay, for lunch. They had lots of “salad stuff”, so I was happy (the last time I was on TDC, I gained about 5 pounds. I will NOT let that happen to me this time).

After that was the Quiet Cove pool. Randy, Jodie, Joey, Rande and Kyle went in, while I (still in regular clothes) dipped my feet. Tyler stayed on a lounge chair, relaxing. We hung out there for an hour or so and once 1:30pm rolled around and we were allowed to go into our staterooms, I went and put my bathing suit on so I could join the gang in the pool. By the time 2:30pm came around though, we only had an hour before our muster drill would begin, so Joe and I went back to take showers.

After the muster drill (“in the event of an emergency, wear warm clothing before meeting here to go on the life boats. Hello, it’s 85 degrees outside…I didn’t bring any warm clothing), we met everyone on Deck 10 for the Sail Away Party. It was typical Disney, with lots of music, dancing and characters. It was 30 straight minutes of energy, but was kinda cute.

After a quick detour so Randy could shoot some hoops, we went to the Walt Disney Theater to watch The Golden Mickeys stage show at 6:15pm. I was hesitant to go to this show because I really didn’t like any of the shows we had seen on our previous 2 cruises…the talent was always good but the premise was always stretched really thin. The Golden Mickeys didn’t seem to have much of a plot to begin with, so I figured how bad could it be? And I was right…it really wasn’t bad at all. The performers were very talented and the technical aspects of the show were very well done, but the premise of the show was as silly as ever. If they had gotten rid of the whole “awards show” part, it would have been almost as good as Encore in TDS.

After spending some time in the Promenade Lounge, it was time for our 8:15pm dinner at Parrot Cay. Our server was named Boniface (BON-eh-fahs) and he was from India. After the first look at his name tag, it was all I could do to not call him Boneface (grin). And it only got worse as I drank more of my wine with dinner…Bonehead, Bonefish, hehehe. Our drink server was Stephanie (a nice, easy name) and she was from France. Anyway, I ordered the lettuce wedge with tomato dressing as an appetizer, then then the mixed grill (beef, lamb chop, shrimp and bacon wrapped sausage, mashed potato and asparagus) as a main course – it was WONDERFUL. Finally, I got the S’mores thing for dessert…graham cracker base, chocolate mousse and a roasted marshmallow top. It was pretty good and I ate about half of that.

After dinner, we went our separate ways…Randé and Kyle had already gone back to their cabin before dessert, Tyler went back to the cabin the 3 of us were sharing and Joe, Randy, Jodie and I went to the movie theater to see National Treasure but I left after just a few minutes because I was so sleepy. I got back to our cabin and, after unpacking a few more things, fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.