Today was our day to visit Nassau. After our last visit during a previous Disney Cruise, I wasn’t looking forward to it. As it turned out, it was everything I remembered and more. Or, rather, less.

We woke up at 8am, with plans to meet for breakfast at 9am. We decided to eat at Tritons, a sit-down restaurant (Beach Blanket yesterday had been a buffet) where I had an omelet with mushrooms, onion, spinach and red peppers, with a side of hash browns (today was my designated decadence day). The coffee was still nasty Nescafe but at least it was better than Beach Blanket’s.

After a quick stop at the Buena Vista Spa so I could make an appointment for one of their “Nassau Specials” (it sounded like a good deal – more on that later), the 5 of us (Rande and Kyle stayed in the ship) disembarked and slowly made our way to the taxi stand to grab a taxi to Atlantis (no “Hey Shorty, you want your hair braided?” this time but the offer to “Rent a scooter and go to the Hooters” amused me). The guy charged us $4 each (the Disney excursion was something like $32 apiece) and, once he had a full van of 9 passengers (while we waited, other taxi drivers tried to “steal” us…they reminded me of a bunch of seagulls, all trying to grab each other’s food), we were on our way.

Our goals for Atlantis were for gambling (them, not me) and to see the Chilhuli glass that’s in their casino (me, not them). Oh, and Jodie wanted a shot glass to add to her collection, so we did that first. There wasn’t a whole lot that I found interesting in the gift shop, although Tyler saw a really cute T-shirt that would have been PERFECT for him.

Shot glass in hand, we went into the casino. A lot of the slots and tables were out of our league (well, their league…I don’t like gambling) but after some wandering, they found some penny and nickel slots. I was just an observer but from what I could tell, the best anyone did was Joe – at one point he was about $20 or $30 ahead in slots. Tyler was about $10 or $20 ahead in Blackjack and managed to play for about a dozen rounds before he was done. And poor Jodie & Randy lost all of their gambling money in the first 20 minutes or so.

After the gambling bug was out of their systems, we wandered around Atlantis for a few minutes, then decided to go back “home.” The taxi ride was the same price going as it was coming, although this taxi driver took us on a bunch of back roads…all of which reinforced how icky Nassau really is.

We got back on the boat in the early afternoon and decided to go to Triton’s for lunch. We gave Rande and Kyle a call to let them know where we were and they joined us about halfway through the meal. My decadence continued and I had shrimp cocktail as an appetizer and macaroni and cheese as my main course, all with a properly chilled adult beverage on the side. And the mac and cheese came with steak fries, which just made my day. I enjoyed every mouthful!

As we left Tritons at 2pm, we went past “Mr. Toad’s Wild Race”, which was listed in our navigators as a “family” event. Randy, being Randy, decided to play (against the 2 to 4 year olds) but I decided to challenge him. Alas, he beat me. In fact, he won all of the heats and won a cup! WOW! Nice guy that he is though, he gave the cup to the little kid he beat.

We all broke up around 2:30pm, with most people planning to take naps. Joe & I certainly partook and slept from 3 until 4:30 or so. My spa reservation was at 5:45pm though, so after lounging around a while after my nap, I went up to the Buena Vista Spa around 5:30.

The spa special was listed as 2 hours of treatment for $125, with the treatment including a full back massage, facial, scalp massage, foot/ankle rub and use of the Tropical Rain Forest (special room where they have a sauna, special showers, etc.), all with chocolate covered strawberries and a glass of champagne. I’m sorry to say that I felt very ripped off in the end. The treatments (done by Jenna from South Africa) were all done very well but the back massage was no longer than 30 minutes, with the scalp and foot/ankle massages done during the facial, while I had a masque on. I was done in just under an hour. Access to the Rainforest was $15/day for anyone, which mean I paid just over $100 for one hour of service, 3 strawberries and a glass of Korbel (I saw the bottle. Korbel, ugh). Shit…just what I was trying to avoid. Of course, I could have avoided the issue entirely, had I asked for specifics on the services but, shrug, I know better for next time. Actually, since I now know better, there won’t BE a next time, period. I’ll stick to my local places and people for spa services, cruise or no cruise.

Anyway, the rest of the gang had plans to see the Toy Story show in the Walt Disney Theater during the time I was in the spa…I had no interest in seeing the show since I had seen it on YouTube and I could tell that it was a typical Disney Cruise show…not something I was going to like a whole lot. So while they were all still in the show, I went up to our cabin to change clothes and get ready for our “formal” night at dinner. As it turned out, I arrived at the theater about 10 minutes before the show ended so I saw the last little bit of it…let’s just say that I’m glad I didn’t see the whole thing (grin). Even after I met up with everyone, they were saying it wasn’t the best show they had ever seen…although the technical aspects were great, only 2 of the songs were decent and they changed the story line too much. So it looks like I made the right decision for me. The only comment about the show that was “above and beyond” was from Kyle…he said that he really liked Buzz’s package. You’ll have to ask him about that…

Our “formal night” diner was at Tritons, which meant we were going to wind up eating there for all 3 meals that day (grin). Everyone looked terrific in their spiffy duds. As this was still my designated day of decadence, I had a salad, the braised lamb AND the duck breast (cuz Sharon loves her lamb and her duck!). Both were great, although I liked the duck more. None of the desserts sounded all that terrific to me, so I just got some vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.

We went back to our cabins to change clothes after dinner (we did various stages of changing…some went from totally formal to shorts and T’s, Joe just took off his jacket and I kept my dress on but changed my fancy shoes for my orange Crocs – I must’ve been a sight to behold, hehehe) and went to Studio Sea for the Disney Karaoke. I was all ready to give it a shot with “God Help the Outcasts”, but virtually all of the entrants were age 12 and under, so we bailed pretty early and went to the dance club, where we watch the hot and not-so-hot guys dance. That lasted less than a half-hour (thank god. I was miserable and spent my time catching up on blogging) and we decided to go to Diversions because it was more quiet. I was starting to get more and more tired by this time and I guess it was starting to show because Joe recommended I go back to the cabin and go to bed (grin). So I did.

Tomorrow: our Day at Sea.