Today we got to sleep in, with plans to meet at Beach Blanket at 10am. However we were woken up around 8:30am with an in-room announcement: “Mr. Mob, Port. Mr. Mob, port.” Hmmm. Mob was, of course, MOB, which was, of course, man over board. Nice. I wondered if it was for real or if it was a drill…I was in the shower when the secondary announcement was made that it was a false alarm. We found out later that a parent left her kid near a balcony and when she got back, one of the kids was missing. So her first thought was that the kid had gone overboard. After some investigation, it turned out that the kid was just hiding in their cabin, but if nothing else, it made for some interesting conversation during the earlier part of the day.

Before we met for breakfast, I left the cabin early to get some “real” coffee. As it turned out, the Cove Cafe didn’t have that…they had espresso and cappuccino drink but nothing that was “normal” coffee. Shit…except for possibly Palo (we had reservations for that on Tuesday but cancelled them because we were having too good of a time with everyone), there was no real coffee on the whole goddamn boat!?!? So I got a double espresso with water (essentially a Cafe Americano, minus the hot milk) and just added cold milk to it, instead of steamed. It was OK…not as good as “real” coffee, but eons better than that Nescafecal stuff.

I still had some time before meeting everyone for breakfast, so I went to the gift shop and bought Rande a birthday present that we had seen the other day, and then met everyone up at Beach Blanket. Because the girl at the gift shop was nice enough to gift wrap the present, I was a bit late in getting there, but that was OK because after my day of decadence yesterday, I was being careful and only had a bar (brought with me from home) and 2/3 of an apple, so it didn’t take me very long to eat at all.

About 10 minutes after I arrived, the gang decided to go see Wall-E at the Buena Vista Theater. I saw Wall-E when it first came out and didn’t see any real need to see it again so I did shopping and offline blogging while they saw the movie. I also stopped by the DVC desk, since I had seen a CM there who looked like Claire’s friend from the U.K. Turned out it was her. This went on top of Tyler bumping into someone he used to work with, who (get this) was with someone that Rande used to work with. Small world, huh?

After the film was over and Joe coincidentally met me in our cabin (the movie was only 90 minutes but the sign by the theater said it was 105 – I just happened to still be in the room when Joe coincidentally went there after it was done), we (the two of us and Tyler, who had come back to the cabin maybe 5 min before Joe did) met Kyle and Rande at Cove Cafe, where we imbibed in some specialty coffee drinks and martinis, while Randy and Jodie went to a DVC presentation.

Once the presentation was over, most of us hung out in Diversions to play (or observe) a game of Jumbo Jenga and a word version of Suduko (I was more of an observer and videotaped the Jenga game and blogged during the Suduko).

There was a tour of the galley at 2:30pm. We had gone on that tour during our last cruise and all I remembered of it was the fellow Guest whose fly was wide open (grin). As it turned out, Joe and I had bought some Kahlua earlier in the day (gotta have plenty of Kahlua to make my famous Kahlua brownies) and inadvertently left it in Diversions so I went and got it while they went on the tour and met them at the end of their tour, in Parrot Cay.

We all decided we were hungry so went up to Deck 9 and grabbed some tacos, paninis, burgers and stuff and ate them on deck.

Next up was a tour of the architecture and theming if the Disney Wonder, with Jenn from Australia. We met at Palo and, over the course of an hour, visited the various restaurants, lounges, kids’ areas, lobbies, etc, and learned about their various theming and stories. It was a relatively interesting tour; better than the ridiculous cake decorating class that I took last time.

An interesting note during our tour was the on board announcement that, due to a medical emergency, we would be arriving at Port Canaveral tonight instead of tomorrow morning. However the gangplank was only going to be lowered for the medical personnel and patient/family members involved in said emegency…everyone else would be allowed off the ship tomorrow morning, same as always and the ship’s activities would remain as scheduled.

Joe and I went back to the cabin after the tour, me to catch up on my email and him to start packing. He was on his way to see Disney Dreams by 5:45ish and since I had no interest in seeing it (refer to my comments on DCL shows), I took that time to pack my big suitcase.

I left the cabin a few minutes before 7pm, picked up some hot tea from Deck 9 and meandered down to Diversions for another round of Disney Wheel of Fortune, scheduled for 7:15pm. Alas, the Villains lost this time, although it wasn’t for a lack of trying.

Dinner was at 8:15pm and we were scheduled for Animator’s Pallate, the restaurant that begins as black and white and eventually changes into a rainbow of color. I started my meal with the butternut squash soup and went on to a lighter fare for my main course, with roasted chicken breast, steamed veggies and white rice. As simple as it was, the chicken was REALLY good. Dessert was peanut butter and chocolate pie, which was fabulous!

After dinner, we went to the Atrium to see the characters for the last time. However it was nearing the time that we needed to have the luggage outside our door and I still needed to pack a few things, so I gave the camera to Joe and went back to our room.

With luggage all done by 10:45ish, I went back downstairs and met the rest of the gang for the Cruise Staff Happy Hour. Randy, Jodie and Tyler strongly recommended it, saying it was something like a Hoopla, with an atmosphere where the cruise recreation staff could let their hair down. The show they put on was HYSTERICAL, very much the touted 18+, and yes, something akin to a Hoopla, especially when they sang the Beer Song and “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean” like the Colonel does (M instead of B though. Messed me up for a while, because I can do B without thinking). They had a contest to give away a free bottle of champagne to the loudest table…gee whiz, guess who won? (wink)

We left the party right around midnight, since the Hoopla part of the event had been replaced by dancing. Not really “us”. Plus we had a 6:45am wake-up call for a 7:45am breakfast, so off to bed we went.

The next morning was a quick breakfast and a non-stressful return to real life. I was happy to discover that I didn’t dislike the Disney Cruise as much as I remembered…but I think that had a whole lot more to do with the company than the cruise itself. At least I’m willing to go again.