It was “Going Home Day” but we really had almost all day to play, since we were taking the Red Eye home. Even with the luxury of time, we still had a 6:30am wake-up call because we had some more people to say goodbye to, at breakfast.

Our 7am breakfast was at Storyteller’s and, of course, it was a character meal. Have I mentioned how much I detest character meals? And have you noticed that we have done character breakfasts for the past. Three. Days. In. A. Row? Really, just kill me now. Anyway, this one had Koda, Kenai, Chip, Dale (they ARE busy little chipmunks), Meeko and Turk. Whatever. The happy news was that they had Kashi cereal! Hooray for healthy breakfast food, for a change!

ABOVE & BELOW: Storyteller’s restaurant

Quinn & Julie had thoughtfully arranged for us to have late check-out so our stuff didn’t have to be ready to go until 1pm instead of 11am, So after breakfast we decided to play for a little while. The park hopper passes arranged by ABD included Sunday, so off we went to the park. Every time we had gone on Nemo, it had been nighttime so we went on it once more, this time in the daylight. I think I like it better in the daytime. We went on Space Mountain (it so rocks! I SO want it at WDW!) and then took the round-trip ride on the new Monorail Red.

ABOVE & BELOW: Nemo/Monorail Red with the Matterhorn in the background

We still had to finish our packing so after the monorail, we went back to the hotel, did what we had to do, and called Bell Services to hold our stuff for a few hours.

By this time it was nearly lunchtime and we were getting hungry. We decided to eat at Wine Country Trattoria, in DCA, since it was never open during any of our previous visits. He had the chicken panini while I decided to be decadent and got the lasagna, which, surprisingly, wasn’t bad.

As long as we were in DCA, we went back to Toy Story Mania (Joe really liked it and he never gets to go on it at home because we so rarely go to the parks or because the lines are so long), then went into the “lobby” of the Animation Building to sit and rest for a while. Finally we went back on Monsters Inc. Cuz we could.

We still had time to waste so we decided to go back to MK. Although we had gone on the Lilly Belle the other day, we hadn’t ridden the train proper, so we did that – I slept through 75% of it (grin). We next tried to go on Indy but it was down so we went on the nearby POTC again.

By this time I think we were both “Disneylanded out” so we went to Downtown Disney and walked around for a little while. We meandered through World of Disney (nothing decent to get – both WDW and DL suffer from “all we sell is crap” syndrome) and grabbed a Jamba Juice (cuz we could. Still no Jamba Juice in the Orlando area), then just sat in the lobby, seeing Quinn & Julie in the distance (they can’t leave until everyone from the tour is on their way), waiting for our Town Car to arrive.

Our plane wasn’t until 10 or 11pm but we had plans to eat at Encounter so we had a 6:15pm Town Car pickup. We said our goodbyes to Quinn & Julie and slept most of the way to LAX (grin).

After checking our bags, we walked to Encounter, the groovy, space-age themed restaurant in LAX’s Theme Building. Designed by Imagineers, we had eaten there about 10 years ago. The food was not as glorious as I remembered it (it was delicious but I could have SWORN it was much more “artistic” when we went in 1998 or so) but the design of the place was just as cool as I remembered.

Sign outside the building

View from our table

ABOVE & BELOW: Shots of the restaurant

The vanities in the bathrooms have a freeform patchwork of cloisonné decoration

Our plane was, blissfully, on time and, even better, we had an empty seat between us, which allowed us to spread out a little. Vacation over, I fell asleep on the plane, happy to have gone and happy to be going home.