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UK Trip 04-29-10: Traveling to, & Arriving In London

With an 11:05am train to catch and still some packing to do, I was up at 7:45am and Joe at 8am. Getting 90% of our packing done, we went out and stopped at Pret but since their filter coffee machine was broken (whimper!), Read more…


UK Trip 04-28-10: York (We Really Went This Time!)

In order to catch up on our sleep, we decided to not set an alarm. I woke up at 9:50am and Joe at 10:30ish – yep, I guess we really needed the sleep! We still planned to go to York though and figured that even if we couldn’t see it “all”, we would see what we had time to see and that would be it.

We debated on Pret vs. Starbuck’s for breakfast and Pret won, simply because, as Joe said, we could go to Starbucks any time. Yay!

When we were done eating, we walked to the Leeds train station, got 2 “return” (round trip) tickets for £21 and caught the 12:05pm train to York. It was about a 20-minute ride. Read more…

UK Trip 04-27-10: Goathland, Whitby and Singing Gospel

We were awake by 7:30am and out the door by around 8:30am, briefly bumping into Peggy and Marge in the process. We decided to skip the full English breakfast today in favor of going to Pret…cuz we could, LOL! (oh, and since 2 sets of people have asked, “LOL” means “Laugh Out Loud”, not “Lots Of Love”. Both Joe and I thought it was very funny and sort of cute that BOTH sets of people thought it meant the same, albeit erroneous thing, LOL!) (also, for those of you who have followed my travel blogs for a few years, yes, Pret trumps Starbucks. Starbucks is awesome because it’s consistently “normal, decent” coffee anywhere in the world but Pret, besides also having decent – and organic! – coffee, is a novelty, LOL!) (See, there’s that “LOL” again!)

We went back to the hotel and, after a quick stop at the room, met everyone down in the lobby. John showed up a few minutes after and Read more…


UK Trip 04-26-10: York. No, Leeds!

We must have REALLY needed our sleep (well, DUH!) because I was up at 9am and Joe at 10am, after going to bed at 11pm and 9:30pm, respectively. We went down for our complimentary full English breakfast, which was slightly less full, I guess because it was nearing their 11am closing time when we got there but they offered to have any hot food made to order and overall there was still plenty to fill our bellies – I got a soft boiled egg (with the thinnest shell I had ever seen) and bacon to go with my Wheatabix (most dry cereals play havoc with my blood sugars – Wheatabix does not?) and an apple.

When we were done eating, we went back to the room and decided that, Read more…


UK Trip 04-25-10: Arrive in Leeds, Visit With the Morris Family

We landed on time and after a 10-minute walk, started standing on the Immigration queue (they have queues here, not lines) at precisely 9am GMT. 28 minutes later, we were through – considering the line was twice as long as last year, I was pleasantly surprised that it only took half the time to get through.

After picking up our luggage, we met John in the terminal. There was a slight change in plans in how we would get from Manchester to Leeds – instead of us all using the train as John originally thought we would do, Read more…


UK Trip 04-24-10: We’re Leaving on a Jet Plane (Eyjafjallajokull Permitting!)

To prepare for the time change, both Joe and I had woken up progressively earlier for the past 2 mornings. Today was the day that we were to get up at 4am (9am GMT) but with not falling asleep until 11pm, we decided to wake up at 5am instead. Joe still somehow wound up waking up at 3:45am – I have no idea why…it’s VERY unlike him, LOL!

Our housesitter/dogsitter/ride arrived at 11am to bring us to the airport. We only live about 20 minutes away from MCO but it was the start of an international flight (so they tell you to get there REALLY early) and on top of that, the names on our flight reservations were spelled wrong (we didn’t make the reservations) and we didn’t know if it would be a problem or not. Read more…


Would You Like My Autograph?

In my last entry I discussed my feelings about celebrities and being famous. Today I’ll talk about my own “fame”.

I bet you didn’t know I was famous. Well, maybe nearly famous. Or perhaps just a little famous. OK, a friend of mine who has a few CD recordings under her belt, wanted to make a music video a few years ago and needed some backup singers. Who better to ask than the people in your chorus (what can I say…we worked cheap. For free, actually. Just give us an opportunity to get together and sing and we’re there. Providing drinks and snacks are just icing on the cake). We filmed the video in late 2007 and it was released about 5 or 6 months later. Take a look… Read more…