To prepare for the time change, both Joe and I had woken up progressively earlier for the past 2 mornings. Today was the day that we were to get up at 4am (9am GMT) but with not falling asleep until 11pm, we decided to wake up at 5am instead. Joe still somehow wound up waking up at 3:45am – I have no idea why…it’s VERY unlike him, LOL!

Our housesitter/dogsitter/ride arrived at 11am to bring us to the airport. We only live about 20 minutes away from MCO but it was the start of an international flight (so they tell you to get there REALLY early) and on top of that, the names on our flight reservations were spelled wrong (we didn’t make the reservations) and we didn’t know if it would be a problem or not. It wasn’t a huge mispelling…think “Littlebet” instead of “Littlebit” but we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time in case it was an issue.

It wasn’t. Not one bit.

But “something could be wrong” must have really been in my head because I went through the security metal detector with my iPhone still in my pants pocket. And I really DO know better. Oops! (blush)

We had bumped into Barb, Marcia and Marge when we arrived at the airport and then into Carol, Steve and Peggy while we were eating at Ruby Tuesday (Joe had chicken and broccoli, I had 2 mini burgers and about half of my fries. We both got the salad bar, too).

With a quick stop at the magazine shop, we meandered to the gate and waited/talked for the 90 minutes or so until we were on the plane. ALL the way in the back. 2 row behind the screaming baby. Sigh.

Fortunately, the baby eventually fell asleep. But so did I (remember, I had woken up at 5am after only getting 6 hours of sleep last night and it was now 3pm or so) so it was all good.

Two hours later we landed in Philly. I had slept for a good hour so, so it had seemed like a very fast flight to me. We landed in Terminal C but had to go to Terminal A, so I got my exercise for the day for my Lose It app.

The other six went to an airport wine bar they had found (Cibo Bistro and Wine Bar) but I had bigger fish to fry: FAMIGLIA PIZZA! BE STILL MY HEART!

Satiated with a plain slice (Joe had an unsatisfying slice each of sausage/pepperoni and blanco) and a Diet Pepsi (blech!), no ice, Joe and I went to the wine bar to meet up with everyone else. They were finishing up their meals but had enough time for Joe and I to each get an adult beverage. We had even more time because we had apparently scored THE slowest server in the place. But eventually we were done and we were able to walk to our gate.

The plane was overbooked and they were offering a 4-hour delay and a $500 voucher for anyone who was willing to be bumped. It was a lucrative offer but we knew we had plans to go to John’s parents’ house on Sunday and we figured John would kill us if we got there 4 hours later, LOL! Besides, we had gotten word from his blog that his new Blackberry didn’t work in the UK, so we wouldn’t be able to contact him anyway. Pity. LOL!

They started loading us onto the plane and we took off on time. Unfortunately, there was yet another screaming baby, this time directly behind me. This was on top of the old British guy in front of me – he was adorable (you know me and old people) but his voice volume was only surpassed by the American lady who happened to be next to him – and they got along just fine! Jibber jabber, jibber jabber. So between them in front and the baby in back, well, just kill me now and let’s see how quickly I can pull out my noise canceling headphones, shall we? Thanks to one of the codeine pills I had left over from my apicoectomy last year, I managed to sleep for about 4 hours, loud front/back neighbors notwithstanding.

Filling out our Immigration/Passport paperwork was a trip; I think we had concurrent contests going to see who could make the most mistakes on their form and who could get the most amount of blank forms to start over. Marcia won, LOL!

I managed to sleep through dinner but after taking a quick glance of Barb’s meal (reconstituted chicken, powdered mashed potatoes, gravy, a roll, stale salad and a small piece of chocolate cake) I didn’t feel I was missing much of anything. Our breakfast snack (I’m not sure what it was…a danish? It kind of reminded me of a hand held Hostess fruit pie) was only marginally better but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that their coffee didn’t suck. They lost points for only having sugar and Sweet ‘n Lo though.

We landed on time (woo hoo!) and all of a sudden time jumped 5 hours (well, that’s when I changed my watch) and it was Sunday.