We are experiencing technical difficulties…please stand by.

In other words, I woke up to the sad fact that my laptop has turned into a hockey puck. Yup, dead as a doornail. Joe thinks it’s the hard drive.

Now, if there was a “perfect world” for having a busted computer, this would indeed be it. I have access to Joe’s computer when he’s not home and my iPhone and iPad when he is (I’m typing this on the iPad). We have a full backup ready so I didn’t lose any pictures, music, movies, programs, files, etc. The iPad and iPhone were both just recently synced. We’re just back from a vacation and have no plans to travel anywhere else for months so I don’t need the laptop “with” me (which I wouldn’t need anyway…we specifically got the iPad for vacations so I wouldn’t have to lug the laptop). So as inconveniences go, this is little stuff.

However as cool as the iPad is, it’s not ideal for travel blogs yet…the WordPress software for iPad doesn’t yet allow for pictures the way I need it to work. And it’s a moot point anyway because my pictures are all on the dead laptop (albeit with a backup in cyberspace). So the last day of our travel to England, and the adventures of the day we went home will just have to wait.

Depending on how long we’ll have to wait for the laptop to be fixed, I may skip ahead in time and write some regular (picture-free) blog entries and then backtrack to do the last days of travel…we’ll just have to play it by ear. But this way you know what’s happening.

Sorry about that.