Wow, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Sorry about that. My laptop’s hard drive gave up the ghost in mid-May. It took a few days for Joe to get everything fixed up (because Joe is WONDERFUL, he actually replaced the hard drive himself! No Apple store. No making an appointment with so-called Geniuses who oftentimes aren’t. No waiting until they fixed it and not having any say in what brand/quality of hard drive was installed. He bought a new hard drive and installed it. Himself. Well, I helped…I held the flashlight sometimes and my tiny fingers got the small screws out of hiding much better than his man hands did). And the coolest/most geeky thing about it? He used my new iPad to get the online step-by-step directions of how to replace the hard drive. Is THAT cool or what?

Unfortunately, after we restored everything, it looked as if some of my pictures from the England trip had been corrupted. ARGH! So we had to wait until our off-site back-up company sent us the data that was needed and then Joe needed the time to re-install them and fix the “It says the pictures are there but I can’t see the thumbnails in iPhoto” issues. THEN I was fixed. And by then I was totally out of the habit of blogging. But it’s been a month now and I think I’m just about done with my Blogging Vacation. I’m going back to it now because, well, why the hell not? LOL! So for those of you who waited, thank-you for your patience. And HI!

First up WILL be the end of the England trip. I still have our last full day and our trip home to do. The stories are already fading from my swiss cheese memory but I have bunches of pictures that will help kick-start some of that. I also have the concert we did at home (I had a SOLO!), my first impressions of the new Harry Potter themed land of Universal Studios Florida and sundry other stories about my experiences, outlook and opinions of what are The Adventures of Littlebit.

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!