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Night of 1000 Voices Concert: More Links!

I found some more links (photo stills, audio and video) in relation to the Night of 1000 Voices concert that we sang at the Royal Albert Hall this past May. They’re on the same page of the original blog entry, down towards the bottom.

Here’s the link:


The Kiss

Joe and I went to Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center the other afternoon/evening to see an Equity stage performance of Read more…

That’s Some Meat You’ve Got!

I don’t profess to be a gourmet chef but considering that I got a relatively late start in learning how to cook (except for baking, I barely knew the nuances of the culinary arts until I moved in with Joe when I was 35. At that time I could make sandwiches, Jello and spaghetti), I think I do a pretty good job of it. Generally speaking, Read more…

Back on the Wagon

I’m back on the wagon.

Eating better. Counting calories. Making good choices. Walking more.

Hating every flippin’ minute of it.

I have to do something though, because Read more…

MADAME, BE QUIET!: Adventures in Dog Walking

I figure if I keep waiting to blog about the last day of my trip to England (which ended, HELLO, 3 months ago), I’ll never blog again. So I’m just going to skip that one entry. I’ll just have to forgive myself, hope you do too and get on with things.

So anyway, Joe and I were walking Dobby last night. We usually do one of two paths, known to us as “the short one” and “the long one” because, well, you can figure that one out for yourself. We decided on “the short one” because we had gotten home from rehearsal not long before and we were tired. Dobby doesn’t careā€¦as long as she gets to go outside with her pack, she’s happy. Anyway, the short path essentially takes us around our block, which is officially labeled as a circle, although it really only is more of a squared-off right parenthesis.

As we walked on “the short one,” we suddenly heard a Read more…