I’m back on the wagon.

Eating better. Counting calories. Making good choices. Walking more.

Hating every flippin’ minute of it.

I have to do something though, because half of my shorts don’t fit anymore and I don’t want to go into winter only being able to wear my “stretchy pants.” To say nothing of not wanting to be THAT out of shape for our vacation next month, where we will be doing a lot of walking and hiking, probably uphill.

The Wii is set up, waiting for me. I get a great workout on the “handball” game in Wii Playground. It’s recommended for age 5-12 or something like that. Don’t judge. And no, I don’t try to win stickers…I just play the one game (I do both players actually, so I’m exercising both left and right arms), so shut up. I also have Wii FitĀ  but I won’t use it. There’s a little character in that game who is “very Japanese” – she’s always pleasant and gives me lots of encouragement. She tells me what a good job I’m doing, how much weight I’ve lost and, when I haven’t “visited” her in a while, she pleasantly reminds me that I should be there on a regular basis. And that’s the rub, because I know if I go back to that game, she’s going to pleasantly say something to the effect of, “Hello Sharon, it is good to see you again. I see the last time you were here was April of 2008. That’s two and a half years ago. And you weigh 7 pounds more now than you did then. Do you know that it is important to exercise on a regular basis so you can stay in shape and reach your goal weight?”

Little bitch.

So yeah, I won’t be playing that game because I don’t want to be chewed out by a pleasant little Japanese cartoon character.

(By the way, here is a Freudian slip if there ever was one. See the title of this entry? “Back on the Wagon?” I originally typed it as “Bacon on the Wagon.” Yeah, I definitely need to do something)