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Papa Helps Me

This is probably my most favorite non-psych patient story of my career…better than Lloydy on the Toidy and even better than the guy who called my boss and told her how appreciative he was that I got in the shower with him.

It was early on in my tenure with current Job #1 (I’ve been with them since early 2003) and I was assigned this lady who had broken her Read more…


Rocky Trails & Mountie Tales ’10: Bob’s Video

Just when I thought I was done with the travel blog ;-)…one of the other people on our tour, Bob T., from New Hampshire (and his lovely with Bonnie) made an awesome photo montage of the trip, along with some shots of the other places in Canada that they visited on their own, after the tour was over. I asked him permission to post it onto my blog, Read more…

Two Years

Wow. Could it have been two years already? Two whole years? Time usually goes by so quickly, and yes, in some ways it feels like yesterday that I Read more…


Rocky Trails & Mountie Tales ’10: The Video

In the early days of Adventures by Disney, you were invited to purchase Read more…


The Phone Call

I received a call on my cell phone yesterday afternoon. It was from my area code but I didn’t recognize the number. Spam calls are usually marked “unknown” or have a different area code than mine so I decided to pick it up. This is the conversation I had: Read more…


Rocky Trails & Mountie Tales ’10: Day 8: Going Home & Reflection

Going Home day.


There really isn’t much reason to go through a narrative of our trip home. Luggage pickup was at 8am and the breakfast buffet (we invited Kari and Chris to eat with us) and the ride to Calgary airport Read more…


Rocky Trails & Mountie Tales ’10: Day 7: Lake Louise, Moraine Lake & “The Last Supper”

Our last full day! We were up at 6:30am and, after eating breakfast with Judy, met everyone in the lobby at 8:15am.

Our first stop was at Lake Louise. We arrived there around 9:30am and when we got to the area where the lake was, the first word out of my mouth was Read more…