In the early days of Adventures by Disney, you were invited to purchasecopies of the pictures your Adventure Guides took over the course of the vacation. I believe you had a choice of buying individual pictures for one price (my gut says it was typical Photopass prices – about $12 each) or you could buy a DVD of all of the group/scenery shots, plus any shot you were in, for $125 (and the second time we went, they gave us a $100 voucher for being a Return Guest, so the whole disc actually only cost $25). This was on top of the copy of the “last supper / goodbye video” that they sent you for free.

Times have changed and I guess Adventures by Disney realized (or, more likely, were told by hundreds of ABD guests) that if you’re spending several thousands of dollars on your family vacation, it seemed kind of cheap for them to ask for another hundred dollars or more for pictures of their trip. So now they send you the pictures – apparently ALL the pictures, including the ones of the other people on your tour – for free, not long after the tour is done.

We received our DVD yesterday. Yay!

The pictures are all very good and some are better than the ones we took or asked them to take (of us) with our camera. I also think it’s very nice to now have so many shots of the people with whom we became a “crazy little family” over the course of the week. I’m not going to share the pictures that Geraldine & Tiffany took – with rare exception, ours are certainly “good enough” and on top of the 900+ pictures that Joe and I took over the course of the week, Tiffany & Geraldine took 600+. However I’m happy to share the “last supper goodbye video” which, besides really showing the best pictures they took, is a very nice 13-minute storytelling of the week (I would like to give a public THANK YOU to YouTube for recently increasing their users’ video limits from 10 minutes to 15 minutes! ;-)).