Wow. Could it have been two years already? Two whole years? Time usually goes by so quickly, and yes, in some ways it feels like yesterday that I stepped foot into the Adventurers Club for the last time (I was the first guest to enter and the last one to exit on its final day of regular operation) and in other ways it feels like a lifetime ago.

Things are better – I don’t really yearn to be there anymore and I usually don’t miss it very much. I’ve found other things to take up my time, albeit not necessarily on the same day of the week or during the exact time frame. And we’ve found ways to keep in touch with some of the people who used to work there – a Christmas card here, a lunch date there, our annual party. Joe and I will regularly use “AdvClub-isms” in our daily speech and it makes us smile. And of course we’re still friends with all the people we “made friends with” there (and we still privately laugh at the same people, too!). But I still can’t watch the videos that were taken at the Club and sometimes something will be said or done that still causes a small catch in my throat or a tear to come into in my eye for a moment. I wonder if that will ever end?

I think I said something similar last year too but who would ever think that the closing of an interactive comedy club could impact someone so much that they could have thoughts like these two whole years later? I certainly never think back to when our local K-Mart closed down. I never muse about when the nearest Linens & Things, Circuit City or Bennigan’s were shuttered. If nothing else, it certainly gives credence to the people who developed the Adventurers Club, as well as to those who worked there. What wonderful, fun times we had when it was open!

Meanwhile, the building still sits there, empty. Based on pictures I’ve seen, it’s mostly gutted, with pieces of it used in other locations or said to be in or soon on their way to Hong Kong Disneyland. Rumors abound and still no one knows for sure what or when something is going to happen to the building, or with the Adventures Club concept next.  Will the building be bulldozed to allow more dining and shopping? If so, when? Next month? Next year? Next decade? Will they pay heed to the thousands of guests who wrote letters and sign petitions to keep the Club open and reinvent the AdvClub concept somewhere else? Animal Kingdom, perhaps? Who knows? At this point I have absolutely no trust in the Disney company that they would “raise it up from the dead” or moreso, if they did that they would do it “right.” The age of Disney spending money to make for a quality concept went away in the early 1990’s. As far as I’m concerned, a “new” Adventurers Club made on a shoestring budget would just be a slap in the face of the memory of the original. Don’t even bother.

But still, two years. Wow.

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” Thank-you Dr. Seuss (and Allison and Kevin, too). Two years ago that was a hard concept to swallow. It’s pretty easy now and still getting easier all the time. Let’s see what I have to say on Sept. 27, 2011 – maybe I’ll be up for watching some of those videos ;-). But for today, I salute the memory of the Adventurers Club. 5/1/89 – 9/27/08.  Right hand on your solar plexus, fingers facing out. Do a fishy wave, like if your belly button stinks. Pretend to take a drink. Put your hand up into the air, palm facing out. Kungaloosh!