For several years in a row, Joe and I, and sometimes our friend Steve went to what is considered the best water park in the country, Schlitterbahn, which is located in New Braunfels TX, a cute little town about halfway between San Antonio and Austin. I kept suggesting we go back because it’s fun plus, well, I’m not getting any younger and I figured one of these days going on tube flumes might not be so easy ;-). So in 2006, 2007 and 2008 it was a “long weekend” destination for us. Here are the blog entries I wrote about those trips: CLICK HERE (I’d like to go back again one of these years but I promised Joe would could take a break for a while). All of the tube flumes and water coasters were lots of fun but my most favorite attraction was, by far, the Boogie Bahn, which is a FlowRider attraction. What a FlowRider? Think of a thin layer of thousands, if not millions of gallons of water coming out at you and you lay on your stomach on a boogie board (or if you know what you’re doing, you can surf on your knees or even stand up and do it). LOTS of fun, although I never did much better than about 30 seconds on my belly before wiping out. If there’s an Adrenelina near you, they may have a FlowRider installed, as do some newer cruise ships and other water parks (ahem. NOT Disney. Of course).

I heard a few months ago that they were going to open a FlowRider here in Central Florida, just a few miles away from me, in Kissimmee. I was looking forward to it because not only would I like to be able to experience it more than once a year, but I was pretty sure it would be a good form of exercise that was actually fun at the same time.

And boy, was it! They opened on Friday and I went on Saturday. I had a BLAST!

Guy on the left is doing pretty good. Guy on the right just wiped out.

I initially paid for two 30-minute sessions, back to back. It took me the first half-hour to get a hang of what to do and what not to do, so I had control – lean to one side to go in that direction, feet down to stay in one place, feet up to go forward. Don’t let yourself go perpendicular to the water, or even near that, or you will roll, crash and burn…a wipe out. And DO NOT wipe out! Cuz let me tell you…when you wipe out, despite everything having major padding, it hurts a LOT when you roll a few times and bang your head or coccyx!

They have a bunch of kids (OK, legally they’re adults. To me, 18-to-22-year-olds are KIDS) as lifeguards and once I had barely gotten the hang of things, one kept trying to push me to do more. Go up on my knees! Do it THIS WAY to go left or right. And I’m like, “Dude, I’m so old that I could have given birth to you! All I want to do is stay on the board without hurting myself.” And eventually he stopped 😉

It WAS really good exercise, though – as of this writing, it’s 3 days later and I’m still feeling it in my arms. Of course, the bruising on my coccyx and knees are still sort of painful too. But I still had fun.

Picture taken Saturday. They're in technicolor, blue, purple and yellow

I figure I’ll go 2 or 3 times a week, 30 minutes at a time. And maybe…just MAYBE I’ll try to surf on my knees one day. But I doubt it.

Oh, here’s some video of me at Schlitterbahn – my whopping records of 13, then 15 seconds, as well as some people who really know what they’re doing. And some who don’t…

And this is this past Saturday, towards the end of my 60 minutes, where I had learned how to stay on for more than 13 to 15 seconds:

Really, I had SO much fun! I can hardly wait to go back…