This blog is called “The Adventures of Littlebit 4.0” because (A) my nickname of preference is Littlebit (by the way, don’t even think of calling me Shorty, Short Stuff, Shrimp, Shrimpo or Midget – they were the names kids teased me with when I was a kid. I’m not saying I get flashbacks or anything but those particular monikers are still not appreciated) and (B) this is the 4th blogging platform I’ve called home (this blog was preceded with my writings on Live Journal, MySpace and – the URLs of which available upon request). However I’ve not been writing in WordPress for a year yet so I’m still new to a lot of their bells and whistles.


Like this one.


If you’re reading this between December 2, 2010 and January 4, 2010, there should be virtual snow on your screen.


Can I say, I think that just rocks! I love it! Besides the fact that it’s FORTY DEGREES as I write this in Central Florida (I know, can you believe it? That’s flippin’ COLD for down here!), it goes so perfectly with my “I love all things that are secular Christmas” feelings that I get this time of year – which will be a blog entry unto itself one of these days. Soon.


But not today. Today we’ll just watch the snow on my screen.  Happy sigh!


Have a nice day, y’all! Keep warm!