I’ve had the plague for the past week or so – probably the worst case of it that I’ve had in a good 10 or 20 years. It was the kind of “really bad cold” where I had to slow down on a lot of my everyday activities this time of year (I am SOOO behind on my baking!) and completely stop others (I only had 2 patients but I gave my visits away to other therapists so I wouldn’t risk spreading my germs to them) in favor of sitting, resting and watching more mindless TV than I’ve watched in years.

I got to watch a lot of Christmas specials that I usually don’t remember to tune into, like Charlie Brown and Rudolph. I have them all on DVD, of course, but just like how frozen treats from the ice cream man taste better than store-bought, watching them when they’re actually on TV, instead of “‘on demand’ via turning on your DVD player” is always superior.

Except I miss the commercials that used to go along with them.

If you’re roughly my age (I’m in my mid-40’s), you probably remember a bunch of commercials from the 1970’s and 1980’s that only came around at Christmastime. I guess you could say they were the virtual Mallomars and Cranberry Sierra Mist of their time 😉

Anybody remember any of these?

(this last one wasn’t a Christmas commercial but as far as I’m concerned, A Charlie Brown Christmas Special just isn’t the same without it being on CBS and with Peter Paul and Dolly Madison as its sponsors)

I know there were others (7-Up commercial with the reindeer, for one) but YouTube is only “so” good. What commercials do you remember from the Christmas season?