Good-bye 2010!

Like every year that has preceded you, you had your good points and your bad points, your ups and your downs. Some of the highs didn’t always always match some of the lows but some of the lows weren’t even close to matching the height of some of the highs so, as far as I’m concerned, it all pretty much evens out in the end. Life is good and life goes on.


I’ve re-acquainted myself with people from the earlier years of my life and was able to share memories that, in some cases, were fuzzy and almost gone. I had opportunities to do things and see places I had never experienced before, as well as do things I hadn’t done in nearly 30 years. Under certain circumstances, I achieved a teeny tiny little bit of vibrato in my singing (not a big deal in the whole realm of life, I know, but it’s been a goal for 3 years). I’ve learned that “my gut feelings” and my abilities to “read” people and are still pretty damn accurate. I’ve become even closer to my husband and his family. Our canine evolved from a cute little PITA puppy into a lovely and loving real, live (and still cute) dog. I’ve seen the best and worst in others this year and have gained a better understanding of who are truly friends, who are friendly because they have an agenda, and who are friendly only until there is one. I’ve learned from my experiences and have grown as a person because of them. Oh, and I have had, apparently, my creative juices ebb and flow throughout 2010. Today is a little ebby, I think.

Hello, 2011! I already have clues of some of the things that are going to happen in your year and I am greatly looking forward to the ride! Bring it on…

“There was a man, his name was Lang,
And he had a neon sign.
Now Mr. Lang was very old,
So they called it, “Old Lang’s Sign!”