I did this a while back and figure it’s time to revisit. When you have a blog, you sometimes get some well-appreciated replies from real people who you may or may not know (thanks, Gerilynn, Marg, Michelle, Remy, Jennifer, Jack, Lisa, Kathy, Mary, VE, JennyMac, Alison, Jeri, Amy, Rachel, Nancy, et al) and sometimes they’re from bots or zombie computers, trying to get you to click on their links. Some of them can be hysterical, either in their use of English or, because they’re not actually reading what they’re replying to, in what they say in relation to that particular blog entry. You guys never get to see them because the software I use (Askimet) stops them from ever surfacing to the public. But some are just too good to not share (albeit without any live links to the drek they’re touting). So with no further delay, here are some of the latest:

My link where I tell people I can be found on Facebook: You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want…HaHa). OK, (s)he does have that one thing right – no one should really try to argue with me. 😉

About My Christmas Decorations and Stuff…: I actually got 3 spammy replies to this one:
sign me up. Um, for what? Dude, unless you’re going to help me put my decorations up…
cool. Yeah, I think so too. But I’m still not going to click on your Limewire/Justin Beiber linkitty link.
Couldn’t be written any better. Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing! Wow, I knew my Christmas decorations were decent (or as LimewireJustinBeiber said, “cool”) but they were good enough that your old roommate, who I’ve never met, kept talking about it? Wow, my decorations must really rock the universe, huh? Um…not.

Old Lang’s Sign: Eight (EIGHT!) spammy messages in a row with links of where to get every type of drug known to man without a prescription. Neurontin, Anti-Arthritis, beta blockers, Levitra, Viagra, “sexual desire drugs” (their words, not mine), Diamox, and the list goes on and on. Not only those, but cigarettes and “non-prescription eyeglasses fashion” [sic], too. Dude, I hate to tell you, but my husband is a PHARMACIST! And on top of that, I usually need encouragement to take an aspirin when my back hurts. You’re barking up the wrong tree, buddy.

Yeah so…spam. Not a big fan of it. Glad I don’t have to deal with it much. Sometimes it’s damn funny, though 😉