I wrote a blog entry a while back about some of the dumb things I’ve been known to think, do and say in my adult life. Of course, stupidity never ends, least of all mine, and so I now offer you “Part 2”.

— Joe had some music playing from his iTunes…it was an old song from the 60’s, “Lonely Days,” and he asked me if I knew who was singing. “Oh yeah,” I said. “That’s the BJ’s.” Yeah….totally different thing. Probably more enjoyable for some than the Bee Gees. Never mind.

— Another music-related brain fart. We were talking about a friend of us who has been successful with singing, either as part of a chorus/choir or as backup on many albums over the past two decades or so. I was trying to make a point about an album the friend had been on and I couldn’t quite remember the name of the performer.

“Joe, who’s that guy?” I asked. “ You know…the one…the one…the one who does New Age music who plays that instrument?”

My wonderful husband, very used to my brain farts and probably able to read my mind a little too, looked at me and said, “Yanni?”

“Yeah, that’s it!” I said, feeling so happy, lucky and relieved that he could fill in the dark holes in my brain so well.

Except Yanni doesn’t play an instrument, Zamfir does. He’s the master of the pan flute. But it really was Yanni’s album that our friend was on.

— I was walking around a department store a few Sundays ago, Starbucks in hand. We live in a tourist town so it’s not surprising when strangers come up to you and ask how to get to places and stuff. So I’m walking around the store and this woman comes up to me and asks, “Hi, I’m sorry to bother you but where did you get that coffee?” I looked down at the cup with the mermaid logo in my hand, then back up at the woman and said, “At the Starbucks.”

— It was one of Joe’s days off, we had errands to run and we were doing a mental list of all the places we wanted to go.  This day off occurred in the midst of while I was collecting donations for my new choir’s fundraiser and one of the stops was going to be Mall at Millenia, one of our local malls (yes, Mall at Millenia is a mall. Shut up, Sharon), to pick up a gift certificate that a restaurant had promised us. I was reviewing the errand list out loud as I counted on my fingers…”PetSmart, allergist, drop my paperwork off at work, Mall of America, Whole Foods…,” when Joe interrupted me, suggesting that if we were going to go all the way to Mall of America, we probably wouldn’t have time to go to Whole Foods.

— I bought my first computer in the summer of 1984, with my high school graduation money. You would think that someone who has owned a computer for nearly 27 years would know how to use it more than I do, but…no. 😉 Anyway, that very first computer was an Apple IIe and, since I used it throughout college I used a word processing program called Applewriter. It was a very basic program, especially in comparison to what the word processing software of today can do, but I understood and used most of its bells and whistles with relative ease and if there was something I didn’t know how to do, I would play around until I figured it out myself. Writing papers for college required a lot of writing, deleting and rewrites but I had that all figured out…if I wanted to delete a whole paragraph and didn’t feel like sitting there and keeping my finger on the Delete key, I would put the cursor at the end of the paragraph I wanted to be gone and just balance a bottle of Elmer’s Glue on the key. Hey, it worked for me. Well, until sometime in the mid-1990’s when Joe, seeing my homegrown way of deleting large pieces of text, taught me how to L-Click, highlight and delete. Oops.

— We were on the Disney Cruise and, instead of going to godforsaken Nassau, decided to take a ride over to Atlantis. While looking at the shops that were all WAY too expensive for my tastes, we suddenly noticed a storefront unlock its door and a group of people leave. They happened to be going in the same direction as us, but maybe about 20 feet ahead of us. One of them was an unusually tall black man and I mentioned to Joe about how tall the guy was. Joe looked at the guy, then looked at me and said, “Yeah um…that’s Michael Jordan.”

Give me time…I’m sure I’ll have some other stories of stupid stuff I’ve said, soon enough…