It was my birthday yesterday. It was a generally low-key day, which, except for “big birthdays” (I’m halfway between 2 “big ones” right now) is how I prefer it to be. My original plan was to go to my spa of choice (read: the one where I had a nice amount of gift cards) but it turned out that they’re closed on Mondays. Plus Joe and I couldn’t go out to dinner because he was working until 9pm, plus I had back-to-back choir rehearsals (my regular Monday night choir, which I left early to attend a special rehearsal of my new Community Choir, because they asked me to be in an ensemble for an upcoming fundraiser event we’re doing) anyway. So I got the crock pot started around 1pm, stopped of at work to finish up some paperwork which, hello, my Stupidvisor could have just as easily, and should have done, and scheduled a singing lesson (because those always make me happy – plus we had to cancel for the past 2 weeks for various reasons so we needed to do a make-up session) before the back-to-back choir rehearsals that night. I was running around all over the place for a good portion of the day but, except for when I stopped off at work, I was busy doing stuff I liked so although my birthday wasn’t as I would have originally planned, it still turned out really well.

Anyway, I have seen and heard a friend of a friend ask a question of “the birthday boy/girl” on several occasions: What did you learn this past year that you didn’t know a year ago? He asked me once, several years ago – I don’t remember my exact answer, but do remember it being kind of light and fluffy and without a whole lot of thought put into it. I like my response a whole lot more this year:

Sometimes a person stays with something, not because they really like it anymore but simply because habit or perhaps familiarity, even unpleasant familiarity, is still somehow more comfortable than the scary unknowns of change. I took the plunge and made a change – it turned out it turned out to be the best decision I made all year. I’m out of a rut and am now involved with something that can bring me further and has already made me happier than the old, familiar place had the capability to do.

One other, not nearly so serious thing that I learned this year is that a fellow blogger, whose posts I LOVE, was born on the same day I was. Nope, not just on March 14th, but on the very same day as me. Small world, huh? Anyway, if you want to either laugh your cute little heiny off and/or partake in some serious, thought-provoking reading (depends on the post), go visit Kris over at Pretty All True. You’ll be glad that you did. Tell her that I say “hi!”

How about you? Even if it’s not your birthday, what have you learned this year that you didn’t know a year ago?