I’m a good wife and a good friend. I work in health care, re-teaching self-care skills to people who have been sick or injured and with that, have developed a very dark sense of  humor (oh, the stories I could tell about naked old ladies with the papayas hanging down to their belly buttons). I’m very liberal and my personality can run the gamut from warm to cold, depending on circumstances (it’s been said that I’m not someone you should piss off. Otherwise, I’ll be as loyal and helpful of a person as you’ve ever seen, albeit with some salt, sarcasm and lots of “wiseassness” thrown in for good measure). I’m spiritual but not religious, stubborn but reasonable. I’m a visual learner. I have a rare growth disorder called Russell-Silver Syndrome, which could have left me with a multitude of moderate problems but fortunately, the only “big” issue I have is that I’m short and I learned how to deal with that a long, long time ago.

Turn-ons are my husband, friends and family, plus music (singing or listening, doesn’t  matter), comedy (sarcastic, ironic and blue are my favorites – sorry, I’m not that sophisticated), good food (cooking and/or eating), good wine and travel. Turn-offs are stupid, self-centered and/or manipulative people. I also can’t stand fake friendliness, especially when your way of backing it up is pock-marked with generalities (“Thank-you for doing such a great job at everything you do!”) or oft-repeated fluff. Oh, and celery. I hate celery.

My husband and I are childless by choice but enjoy spoiling our toy poodle, Dobby. We enjoy traveling whenever possible – some of this blog will focus on our travels but most of it will focus on my adventures, everyday and otherwise.