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A Conversation With My Dog

Our toy poodle, Dobby, will be turning 2 next week. And let me tell you, she is one SMART little girl. Smart enough where she can even be sneaky. See, she has this “thing” about stuff she finds on the floor – if it’s on the floor (or hell, not even just on the floor – just within her reach!) it’s hers. Paper, pens, dryer sheets, socks (oh, does that dog LOVE socks!) plus whatever other tiny little stuff she finds that we didn’t even know was on the floor. Like the time someone dropped a Read more…


What Were We THINKING???

Dear Dobby,

It has been a wonderful year and a half since your “Gotcha Day.” You started as a cute , 3-month-old little furball who had endless energy and who would incessantly whine in your crate at 6:30am because you were ready to start your day. As late risers, we longed for the days when you would finally sleep as late as we did. That took months. And months. And months.

You aced your Read more…

MADAME, BE QUIET!: Adventures in Dog Walking

I figure if I keep waiting to blog about the last day of my trip to England (which ended, HELLO, 3 months ago), I’ll never blog again. So I’m just going to skip that one entry. I’ll just have to forgive myself, hope you do too and get on with things.

So anyway, Joe and I were walking Dobby last night. We usually do one of two paths, known to us as “the short one” and “the long one” because, well, you can figure that one out for yourself. We decided on “the short one” because we had gotten home from rehearsal not long before and we were tired. Dobby doesn’t care…as long as she gets to go outside with her pack, she’s happy. Anyway, the short path essentially takes us around our block, which is officially labeled as a circle, although it really only is more of a squared-off right parenthesis.

As we walked on “the short one,” we suddenly heard a Read more…


When Two Worlds Collide

As part of Dobby’s “boot camp” training to be a better, more obedient canine who doesn’t try to be the alpha dog, today Brian, our animal behavior trainer and I went to Petco to find a particular type of collar for her. Now personally, I’m not a huge fan of Petco; it always strikes me as a little ghetto. At least the 2 nearest to my house are, probably because of the low income neighborhoods that they’re respectively in or near (one of them is actually about a 1/2 mile from my house – we’re not the ghetto, though. The next neighborhood down? Definitely ghetto. That’s what Florida is like though…you can have low-income, middle class and multimillion-dollar homes all within a mile or two of each other). But we had already gone to PetSmart and they didn’t have what we were looking for, so to Petco we went. Read more…


Happy 1st Birthday, Dobby!

Dear Dobby,

I can’t believe how quickly time has gone – we’ve already had you for 9 months and you’re turning 1 year old today!

You were such a cute little ball of fluff on the day we got you from Bonnie and Darrin, the toy poodle breeders in Jacksonville – you couldn’t have been more than 3 pounds? But definitely 3 pounds of energy. Your predecessor, Pippi (her ashes are in the barrister bookcase in the living room – I half think they speak to you sometimes, telling you to do things that Pippi used to do) was a skittish little wallflower who was afraid of her own shadow and those behaviors just got worse as she got older. We wanted to make sure that we got a dog that was brave and energetic; one who had personality and boy, did we get what we were looking for! We had a choice of Read more…


Adventures In The Dog Park

So we finally brought Dobby to our community’s dog park. This wasn’t just a delay on the 9 months that we’ve had her. Oh noooo…before we could get a permit for her to use the dog park, Joe and I had to get Community ID cards. I mean, we’ve only been living here for 7-1/2 years without them. We weren’t actually trying to be delinquent or anything…just never really did anything that would warrant needed them. Well, except for the 2 times we used the handball court. Or those 3 months last year when I walked the bike track for a half hour 5 days a week. But no one asked us for our ID cards then, so nope, we had never gotten them. We needed ID cards to get Dobby’s tag for the dog park though, so we jumped through all of the required hoops and were ready. Read more…


Spamalot: Not the Broadway Show, Just a Lot of Spam

I’m totally stealing this idea from Kristie over on Not Quite What I Had Planned but it made me think and look to see what I had in the way of spam.

For those not very techno-savvy, “spam” is “junk mail” of the internet. Links and ads that you really don’t want to read, or want your readers to read, but it’s still there, trying to get in anywhere. In email you’ll usually get stuff about making your penis larger or where you can buy certain drugs – if you have a good spam filter on your email, it’ll all be in your spam box. If you have a stinky spam filter, Read more…