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Welcome, Foolish Mortals

By request (hello, Kat!), this blog entry is a “retweet” of a writeup I did for two online sources nearly a decade ago, of a Disney dinner event we attended at the Haunted Mansion.

Way back when, Joe and I were huge Disney fans and were at a time in our lives when we went to just about any Disney-sponsored event that came down the pike (unless it was Princesses. Screw the Princesses). During that time frame, when Disney restaurants hadn’t been “dumbed down” to (A) save them money Read more…


Please Help Me Win A Contest!

I’m not a contest person. I’m really not. My mother-in-law is – she sends 4×6” cards and self-addressed stamped envelopes to just about every contest and Sweepstakes she finds, not only Read more…

James Beard Dinner at The Ravenous Pig

Joe and I went to a James Beard Dinner at Winter Park’s Ravenous Pig gastropub this past Sunday. The meal was designed to be similar to a “Central Florida” themed meal that was served at the James Beard House earlier this year (go ahead and Read more…