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Just A Quickie: The “Weather” on my Blog

This blog is called “The Adventures of Littlebit 4.0” because (A) my nickname of preference is Littlebit (by the way, don’t even think of calling me Read more…


Mea Culpa

Wow, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Sorry about that. My laptop’s hard drive gave up the ghost in mid-May. It took a few days for Joe to get everything fixed up (because Joe is WONDERFUL, Read more…

Should I or shouldn’t I?

There was a time where I posted blogs near-daily, or at least several times a week, over on my MySpace.  It was fun for a long time and there were several purposes for the entries, so I kept it up. But then times changed, as did my priorities and my long-winded stories eventually dwindled away in favor of one-and-two liners on Facebook.  Sure, I still voyeuristically read the entries of some of my favorite blog writers and anally obsessively kept up with blogs of my travels but the everyday stuff? Not so much.

But in preparing for getting an iPad (Will it sell? Who knows. But it will be ideal for me and my current needs) I needed something to take the place of what I could and wanted do with my laptop when on vacation – email, surf, dump pictures and blog. I’ve most recently been using MobileMe for the travel blogs and their setup is wonderful but do they have an iPhone/iPad app? Nope. So although I have no idea of what may come down the software/app pike between now and whenever I get the iPad (I’m holding out for a 3G version, so perhaps April? If so, I’m hoping it’s before I go to England, please!), I decided to start playing around with blogs and software that are already iPhone-friendly on top of being computer-friendly and, yes, techno-software-idiot friendly. That’s what brought me to WordPress.

To “practice” and start to get used to the WordPress Way, I decided to transfer all of my old travel entries to one place – they were previously spread around 3 other blogs (LiveJournal, MySpace and MobileMe – now you know why this blog is called “The Adventures of Littlebit 4.0“) and, with concern that the former two might go belly up and we may not always want to pay for the privilege of having the space for the latter, it made the most sense.

However something funny happened while I was scrounging my long-abandoned MySpace for travel-specific entries: I started reading everything else I had written. Stories of patients and friends and places I went and people I saw. The everyday stuff I did. The things that had made me laugh, cry, seethe and everything else in between. And I started to realize that I missed blogging. I missed the creative writing. I missed having a way to remember what I had done in my life. So I started thinking about starting it up again.

I’m still thinking about it. So watch this space…you never know what might start to pop up.