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Flash Mob Much? (Part 2)

Yesterday I talked about the flash mob I got to be involved with as a part of “celebrating tourism in Orlando.” That entry can be found here. Today I’m going to describe the flash mob I got to be involved with, thanks to my new choir, just about five weeks after that one.

After leaving our old chorus last autumn because, well, because of a lot of reasons, Joe and I joined a new choir in December. Rehearsals started in early February and so far it has been Read more…


Flash Mob Much? (Part 1)

How many people get to say that they were in a flash mob? Nope, not many. You have to know the right people, be available to be in the right place at the right time, you name it. Please allow me to toot my own horn for a moment…I was involved in not one but TWO flash months in the course of five weeks!

The first one was set up on, of all places, Facebook. Yep, that love-it-or-lump-it bastion of Read more…

The Wonderful World of (No) Disney

There was a time where I was one of the biggest Disney Dorks known to man. Maybe not to the extent of Read more…

Gay Days ’08: The Week of Fabulousness

Gay Days 2008: The Week of Fabulousness (WARNING: Very photo-heavy)

Gay Days Thursday and Saturday were a BLAST! WOW, did we have a great time!

Thursday night at the AdvClub was all about tank tops and puka bead necklaces and perfect hair and every single stereotypical mannerism that Greg Haskins so eloquently described in his Fringe show. LOTS of eye candy, LOTS of laughs, Gayves, a surprise appearance of one of the best Pamelias in the history of the Club, etc., etc., etc. Sam’s show was (obviously) different yet the same and although I missed the tradition of Sheila, if she wasn’t available, Andi was the epitome of “as close as you can get”. And just as enjoyable, too. There were a few disappointments…no “WOO Man” – although Tyler thinks he saw him upstairs, alcoholic beverage not in hand, only one drag queen all night and although the place was very crowded, it wasn’t quite as crowded as past years. Hoopla was pretty typical, including Saints, although god bless Pam for her verse about rainbows (grin). I still miss the annual Gay-Straight Valderee-Off but I don’t think it would have worked quite as well this year, with the 75:25 demographics. The year there were just SIX straights in the audience though, THAT was precious. We saw a lot of the same people that we usually see…Reggie, Larry, Bernie, John, etc…Bradley and his sister were noticeably absent again this year as were, of course, the known homophobics and/or bible thumpers. Funny though…KA’s BF was there by himself for the longest time. Every gay guy I know who has turned their gaydar onto him says that he’s gay and either doesn’t know it or just hasn’t come out yet, and there he was for a good hour, all alone, watching the crowd. VERY interesting.

We went back to the AdvClub on Friday night but sadly, it was a pretty typical night. The “Week of Fabulousness” (thanks, Allison) crowd was probably akin to a typical “Thursday night” and although there were some references to “the summer kickoff” (well, not really…no one used that term even once this year), it certainly wasn’t the overpowering “rainbow flavor” that we were expecting. I wound up leaving the Club around 10pm and falling asleep by midnight, which worked out well because I had to wake up early for Saturday.

As always, Rob had made reservations at Crystal Palace for Gay Days at the MK. The ressie was for 8:20am, which meant getting to MK at 7:45am, which meant leaving the house at 6:45am, which meant waking up at 6am. But with 6 hours of sleep under my belt (for this event it’s usually, like, 4), it actually wasn’t TOO too bad. I took Osceola Pkwy to WDW and wound up seeing 6 hot air balloons in flight. Since skydiving is still out of the question, I’m thinking that going up in a hot air balloon might be a cool thing to do for my 50th birthday (grin). But that’s still 7.5 years away and I digress. Anyway, I wound up meeting Steve on the monorail and we were on our way.

Steve & I got there so early that we were two of the first 10 cars in the parking lot

It was so early that we got to see some GF CMs using the Monorail as a means of public transportation. BTW, what’s up with that? Showing CMs in costume where they don’t fit into the theming? Talk about ruining the Magic…

Steve & I were the first 2 of our group at the MK entrance, but were quickly joined by Tyler & Kat, then Rob & Scott (who had donned matching Mickey groom hats for the occasion), and, once we got to the restaurant, Lyne. Joe had to work and the others weren’t available, so it was a smaller crowd than in past years.

Waiting for MK to open. Boy, won’t THIS guy in the red shirt be surprised!

Left side of photo = one type of family. Middle and right side of photo = another type of family. A shot of Main Street right after the park opened for people with breakfast ressies.

Breakfast at the CP was the same food as always, but with a different show/parade (Pooh doesn’t march around in his red shirt with a sign that says “It’s My Day!” anymore! Boo!) and, again, a definite decrease in red shirts. Our server, Kathy, was from Bensonhurst so she and and I had a nice discussion about how we would never go back to “the old neighborhoods” in Brooklyn nowadays because they’ve changed so much (I don’t know much about Bensonhurst because I was just a little kid, but we moved out of Canarsie in the mid-1970’s and I know it suffered from “white flight” in the 1990’s. Personally, I haven’t been back since 1992 or so). We got pictures with all of the characters and, once we were done eating (and analyzing WTF was in the Breakfast Lasagna), we were on our way.

Oh goody…it’s Pooh

Above and below: much better sports than me

I believe my face says it all. And the matching head tilts are icing on the cake, don’t you think?

Speaking of which, yes, cake WAS one of the ingredients in the Breakfast Lasagna. So were pancakes, waffles, blueberries, custard, bicycle tires, Capt Jack Sparrow droppings and a hint of vanilla

We took the Adventureland route and, after bypassing the Swiss Family Robinson Stairmaster (well done, Rob), took a trip aboard the Jungle Cruise. Our skipper royally sucked but it was still better than if we had gotten Dress Up Boy, which almost happened. POTC was closed so the gang went on Splash Mountain while I held everyone’s stuff, keeping it (and myself) dry. Next was BTMRR, then HM, then Small World.

This boat was ALL Marys, except for the one row of a mother-father-kids family WAY in the back

Rob says he saw one of these guys deep throating his frozen banana. Unfortunately, I missed that shot.

We then took a LONG walk to Tomorrowland so we could go on Buzz Lightyear (I still like MIB much better than either Toy Story attraction) and the Peoplemover (TTA my ass – and what WAS the deal with the guy in the rainbow ears crouching in his seat, riding over and over again?), and then, with a quick stop off at the wishing well, went back to Frontierland to stand on line for the annual 1:00pm Country Bear Jamboree with the Bears.

We got there early enough so that we had to wait for about 45 to 60 minutes, same as always. Not a biggie because we had some shade and cold water and lots and LOTS of people to people watch. I saw a handful of people I knew (a few of which were folks that I didn’t really WANT to see…) and a couple of people recognized me, too (and thank-you Christian, for having enough tagged photos on your blog so I could figure out who one of them was. As you would say, HA!). While standing on line, some people from a podcast gave Rob & Scott a Target gift card for being “the first couple they saw who were wearing bride-bride or groom-groom hats”. They asked them a couple of questions and the podcast should air one of these days. Until then, here’s a picture of them being interviewed (5th picture down. If you look carefully, you can see me, Steve and Lyne in the shot, as well).

Part of the queue for CBJ

Disney was smart this year and made some rope queues so, although even the Bear crowd wasn’t quite as large as previous years, it still wasn’t quite as much of a clusterfuck as it could have been to get in. Unfortunately, they still haven’t realized that just because the posted capacity of the attraction is 300-and-something, that is NOT the case when the demographics is overwhelmingly Bears…so the experience was SRO for several dozen unfortunates (present company excluded…everyone in our group had seats). Anyway, as always, you ain’t seen CBJ until you’ve seen it with a bunch of grown men singing lyrics like “All the guys that turn me on turn me down.”

We went foraging for food after CBJ…El Pirato y El Perico was open (I don’t remember the last time I saw that it was) but their menu didn’t have stuff that would work for some people in our party, so we went back to Pecos Bill’s instead. After lunch we parted ways and whereas others went home or to other parks, I wandered around to the Hub to watch the pre-parade festivities.

Bunch of Red Shirts crowding around Streetmo ladies in Victorian garb (the ladies, not the Marys)

Members of the Orlando Gay Men’s Chorus in their “regular spot” to view the parade

The Hub was the only place where the Gay Days crowds seemed to be in as full force as always. Then again, when there may be just a few thousand less than the many several thousand that’s usually in attendance, maybe it’s just harder to notice. Anyway, it was, as always, a sea of red, with lots of people talking, taking pictures and having a good time. I walked around the Hub and up and down Main Street a few times, taking my own share of shots, but decided that before I became TOO exhausted, I’d skip the parade itself and just go home.

I was home by 4pm and asleep until 6pm. “The best nap in the world” was followed by “one of the best showers in the world” (THE best shower occurred at the MCO Hyatt in April, 1995) and, after Joe got home and we had dinner, we went back to the AdvClub to join the gang in closing The Summer Kickoff. Nothing really special there, except for one guy with a big ass camera and equally big ass flash, who actually made The Borg’s habits seem mellow. Just for shits and giggles, I kept track during one of the NMIs and can you believe this PITA took 14 pictures in 60 seconds? JESUS, talk about annoying! Not only for the other Guests who had to live with the equivalent of a strobe light in the Main Salon for a period of time, but also for the poor CMs on stage who had to deal with his flash in their faces every 4 seconds. Honestly, how important is it to have one picture of Pamelia with her hand by her shoulder, one with her hand on the way to her mouth and one with her hand on the way to being raised in the air? PUH-leez…

— Over and over, we noticed that the crowds just weren’t quite as thick this year. I’d bet the economy, combined with sky high gas/airfare prices, had a lot to do with it. It didn’t put a damper on the week but I hope more people will be able to come next year.
— John deHaas apparently has a twin. While we were at Pecos Bill’s, Rob said, “There’s John deHaas” and I replied, “It can’t be…I’m pretty sure he’s out of town right now.” Rob saw him again a few minutes later and said he REALLY looked like John but in looking more closely, was JUST different enough to not look exactly like him. But it was really close. I never got a view of the guy (always that second too late and out of range) but John, make sure you don’t have a twin who was separated from you at birth, OK? (wink)
— I’m going to think twice before going to Crystal Palace next year. Honestly, nearly $30 for a character breakfast buffet? And this is when characters do NOTHING for me (hm, after those pictures, can ya tell?!?!) and I usually eat next-to-nothing for breakfast. And it’s not like the food is even good or that more than a teeny-tiny percentage is healthy fare. So I have a variety of mindsets…I can go to be social and live with the implications of eating a shitload of crap that isn’t good for me. Or I can go and eat what would be “about right” for me (6 oz of oatmeal or maybe a piece of fruit) and pretend that I didn’t just eat the equivalent of a $30 apple. Or I can say “fuck it” and just meet up with everyone after they’re done eating. I might change my mind by next year but right now, I’m leaning towards the latter. Most breakfast buffets do not work for me. Bad breakfast buffets are even worse. It’s really a total waste for me.

When I went to Gay Days in the past, I noticed lots of the guys and some of the girls wearing a variety of really cool shirts. This was my year of taking pictures of them. Enjoy the shirts and, where applicable, the captions. And, if the guys are cute, the eye candy:

Once a Bear, always a Bear

Above: Front of shirt. Below: Back of same shirt

So when they designed this shirt do you think they were thinking what these guys were thinking when they bought it? Nah, me neither.

Probably not what WDW had in mind when this shirt was designed, either

Very nice (giggle)

LOVED this shirt. Reminded me of Margaret Cho. “Are you THE GAY???”

Another shirt that probably no one thought about twice when it was designed

Hey, I know you!

VERY cute shirt!

I think this one was my most favorite shirt I saw all day

And I don’t think he means Skittles

Above and below: Same shirt, different “flavor”

Hey, it’s Keith B.!

Everybody neat and pretty? Then on with the show!

There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else there’s Bearcard

Obviously NOT here for the festivities

A 4’7″ woman taking a picture of this shirt during Gay Days. Write your own joke.

I am SO buying this shirt for next year!