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Southwest Splendor ’07: Sedona to Grand Canyon

Our wake-up call this morning was at an ungodly 5am but since we needed to have our bags packed and ready to be loaded onto the bus by 7am, it was a necessary evil. 5am…god help me. I usually wouldn’t be going to bed until 2am!

We left our packed bags in the vestibule of our room (so Adventures by Disney could pick them up and drive them to our next hotel) and met at the Meditation Room for breakfast. This morning’s buffet meal included scrambled eggs, cheese-seasoned breakfast potatoes, French toast, bacon, sausage, yogurt, cold cereal, a selection of pastries, bread and fruit.

After going back to the room to do some last-minute packing, we loaded onto the bus and drove about 15 minutes to our first stop of the day, Red Rock State Park, located in Sedona. We made a quick pit stop near the entrance of the park because there weren’t enough facilities for tour groups inside the park itself, then drove to the Visitors Center.

Pat was our volunteer naturalist who explained everything we saw while on our hike and she expertly pointed out the different trees, brush, flowers, animals and insects we came across. We hiked for about an hour or an hour and a half and, when we reached the top of the formation we has climbed, hiked back down. The views were just amazing.

Red Rock formation in the distance

Riparian: ..rih-PAIR-ee-uhn; ry-PAIR-ee-uhn.., adjective: Of or pertaining to the bank of a river or stream.

Hiking along…

We got some terrific views!

Joe and I

More great views

All of the guys

All of the ladies

House of Apache Fire used to be a residence. It was at the top of the hiking trail we climbed

Experimental ecology with wilderness poop!

Chris in front of the 150-175y/o Wedding Tree (he’s getting married on Oct. 25th)

After re-boarding the bus, we drove a short distance to a food and shopping village called Tlaquepaque. Lunch was on our own, so 6 of us shared a table at Oak Creek Brewery & Grill, a sandwich, salad and pizza place that makes its own beer. Joe had a bratwurst sandwich while I had a salad of turkey, ham, hard boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, shredded cheese, sprouts, grilled zucchini and squash. The food was good…nothing spectacular, but after dinner last night, ANYTHING would pale in comparison.

Oak Creek Pub as seen from the outside

After lunch we had about an hour for shopping until meeting back at the bus. Tlaqupaque is themed like a Mexican village and what weren’t restaurants were lots of one of a kind shops and artsy fartsy stores. Interesting to look at for a little while but overall not really our style or the things that we (read: “I”) liked were a little too pricey and/or we couldn’t figure out a place to put them.


We were more interested in “How Sweet It Is,” the ice cream and candy shop Mike and Chris recommended because their ice cream was supposed to be fantastic (it was. Joe’s root beer float was good too) and they supposedly sold chocolate covered insects but as it turned out, they didn’t carry them anymore. I guess eating one of those is an adventure I won’t get to take after all (grin).

We loaded back onto the bus at 1:15pm and from that point on it was a 2 hour drive to the Grand Canyon, Chris and Mike pointed out various sites along the way, including Moss Slide, a bald eagle nest and driving a short distance down Route 66. They got a tentative list of who wanted to partake in which extracurricular activities tomorrow so they could make advanced reservations for us. They also kept us entertained by playing a Disney’s True Life Adventure DVD that was taped in the area in the early 1950’s but it was still a LONG ride and I think most of us snoozed for at least part of the trip.

It was a long, long long…

…long, long, long trip

We made a quick stop at our next home base, The Grand Hotel, to drop Mike off to get all of the luggage and rooms situated, while Chris and Tom gave us a special treat and brought us to the Grand Canyon for an hour or two, even though it wasn’t on our roster of events for today. Some of us had never seen the Grand Canyon and some of us had, but it didn’t matter…the first view is just amazingly breathtaking.

After an hour that went by entirely too quickly, we hopped back on the bus and back to the hotel. As soon as we stepped foot inside the lobby, a flood of memories came rushing back to me, since Joe and I, as well as his parents and Steve, had lunch in this hotel when we did a Las Vegas-to-Grand Canyon puddle jumper tour about 6 years ago. The lobby was beautifully done and our room, although definitely older, was clean and spacious. An added bonus of being on the top floor of the hotel was the cathedral ceiling and skylight in our room, which made it much more light and airy.

After taking time to unpack and rest for a little while, we met downstairs for our dinner buffet at the hotel’s restaurant, the Canyon Star Restaurant.

The meal included chicken breasts, beef brisket, ribs, beans, potatoes, corn bread (it was in season!), corn on the cob, potato salad and vanilla ice cream for dessert. The food was OK…not great, but it didn’t suck, either. The entertainment, on the other hand, wasn’t something we found to be super interesting. The singing cowboy was OK but the Native American singer/drummer and dancers, although very talented at what they did, kinda struck us more towards “pass the hat tourist entertainment,” which really isn’t our style. Not that they were bad; just not something we appreciated very much.

We were finished with dinner by 8ish and, with given a choice of seeing the Grand Canyon film at the local Imax or calling it an early night, we opted for the latter (with my influence…I’ve only gotten about 6 hours of sleep each night and would like to try to get a decent nights’ sleep tonight, especially with a 6:30am breakfast tomorrow morning). With thoughts of tomorrow’s evening of Grand Canyon-based activities, we settled in for the evening.

Southwest Splendor ’07: Exploring Sedona

We woke up at 6am and after getting ready for the day, walked around the property of our hotel for a little while.

Front of the hotel

View from the back of the hotel

Joe in front of Oak Creek, which runs parallel to the hotel property

After exploring, we met everyone for a buffet breakfast of eggs Benedict, breakfast potatoes, sausage, bacon, yogurt, pastries, breads, fresh fruit, hot and cold cereal, coffee, loose teas and juices.

After a brief return to our rooms, we all met up outside the hotel lobby to begin our jeep tour of rock formations. Our friend Jack, plus 2 other cowboys named Taz and Rock drove us in 3 jeeps from the Red Rock Jeep Tour into the Sedona rock formations. We made a few stops for some picture-taking spots, as well as at an abandoned moonshiners’ cabin. All along, the guys taught us about the local trees, cactus, plants and snakes.

The 4WD vehicles they used for the tour

Sedona red rock formation

Rock, Joe, Jack, Me, Taz

Joe and I with rock formations in the background

All of us

Now when you pick a pawpaw or a prickly pear….

Ruins of the Van Deren (moonshiners’) cabin

Take paradise and put up a parking lot (or in this case, a golf course behind the Van Deren cabin)

Our next stop was the Sedona Heritage Museum, which included a red rock Historic Landmark home and apple packing shed, as well as examples of period equipment and artifacts. They also served our lunch here, which included salad, sandwich, chips, a cookie and bottled water. Jack and Rock entertained us with demonstrations of the life of cowboys – focusing on their clothing, equipment, and working with horses and steers.

After lunch we broke up into two groups to work on local arts and crafts. Joe and I had the opportunity to make corn husk dolls and then Joe make a soap carving of a Pippi (grin).

Sharon and her hydrocephalic corn husk doll

Joe and his Thalidomide corn husk doll

The soap carvers at work

Tom the bus driver picked us up a few minutes before 2pm to bring us back to the hotel. Chris and Mike shmoozed with each couple to make sure that we all had plans for our “on our own time” that was scheduled to occur for the rest of the day. They had some really helpful ideas and suggestions for places to visit and where to eat.

Joe and I went back to our room to take a quick nap. Although Joe was quickly in Dreamland, I never actually quite fell asleep, but truly enjoyed the 90 minutes of relaxation in the super-comfy bed.

From 4:30pm until about 7:00pm, we partook in one of my favorite (and Joe’s least favorite) activities, shopping in crap shops. It actually wasn’t as bad as it could have been, because I have little interest in Native American art and even less in New Age crystal stuff, which excluded about 75% of the stores in the area. But give me a store that sells T-shirts, magnets and/or Christmas decorations and I’m like a kid in a candy store…while Joe is in hell. So we eventually settled on compromise of “Sharon will browse around the store while Joe stays outside, taking pictures of the rock formations.” It worked well for us (grin).

Crap shops with rock formations in the background

Sharon in her element: SHOPPING! And you know what I LOVE about the desert? No frizzy hair!

Red rocks during sunset

Joey after 2.5 hours of shopping

We headed back to the hotel around 7, dropped off our (ahem, mostly “my”) new treasures, and got one of he bellman guys to bring us to the restaurant we had chosen for dinner, Dahl & DiLuca. Joe had actually “found” the restaurant online while researching the trip ad it was a frontrunner for where we would eat on Sunday night. When Mike, one of our Adventure Guides recommended it when Joe asked for a place “where the locals eat” (as opposed to where they tell the tourists to eat), he was pretty sure it was a good bet. When we talked to the Concierge about it and she said we couldn’t do any better, he was even more sure. When we bumped into Mike and Chris AT the restaurant (this is their last Southwest Splendor tour of the season, so they were treating themselves), he KNEW it was going to be awesome. And was it ever! I ordered the Tortellini Lisetta (fresh-made tortellini with a Portobello cream sauce) with mushroom cream sauce while Joe got the shrimp and scallops in a Limoncello sauce and WOW, were they both AMAZING! We shared an Amaretto Creme Brulee for dessert and again, just totally incredible. Probably one of the best meals we have ever had. Joe loved the food so much that he even got a piece of carrot cake “to go” to settle those 3am hunger pangs (I told him to save me a mouthful of the frosting).

Our wake up call for Monday was for 5am, with a 7am pick-up of our luggage, so after Stuart picked us up and we went back to the hotel, we repacked our stuff, finished this blog, and called it a night.

Southwest Splendor ’07: Arrival in PHX, travel to Sedona

On of the best things about having DVC points while living so close to Disney is that we can use them for everything OTHER than Walt Disney World hotels. We’ve stayed at Tokyo Disneyland’s Miracosta Hotel, Hotel New York at Disneyland Paris, The Plaza Hotel in NYC, gone on the Disney Cruise, etc., all using DVC points. This year we’ve decided to use our points to visit the American Southwest, via an Adventures By Disney tour called Southwest Splendor.

After waking up slightly before noon on Friday morning and having done only a small percentage of our packing by then, we agreed to stay up all night to get done whatever had to get done in order to be ready for our 7:15am flight. The plan worked well and by 4am, we were pretty much ready to be on our way. Joe’s dad picked us up at 5:15am and, with last-minute Pippi and house sitting stuff, we were at MCO a few minutes before our planned time of 5:45am.

The flight to ATL was uneventful and although experiencing not one, but two gate changes at ATL was a little inconvenient, we had given ourselves plenty of time between flights for such maneuvers. Besides, if we hadn’t gone from gate A17 to B25 to B8, I never would have gotten to see the Amish dwarf, which isn’t a sight one sees every day…especially in an airport in GA.

Food service on airlines has reached a new low. On our 3.5 hour flight from ATL to PHX, we were offered 2 crackers, cheese spread, the teeniest tiniest box of raisins ever invented and a shortbread cookie. Two hours later, we got the choice (the CHOICE!) of peanut butter crackers, peanuts or 2 biscuit-type cookies. On, and 2 servings of Coke products too. Sheesh…Continental at least still offers dinner roll sandwiches.

Dick met us at baggage claim and after retrieving our suitcases, gave us directions to the Starbucks (Terminal 4, 3rd floor) where we would meet the rest of our group. While searching for “the big Starbucks at the end of the hall,” we came across a Famous Famiglia Pizza. Be still my heart!!! After wolfing down as close to “good NY pizza” as we can get without going back up north, we found our guides, Chris and Mike, and the other 14 people on our tour. We walked outside (it was a wall of dry heat), got on the bus (ahem, “motor coach”…it’s an Adventures by DISNEY tour) and Tom, our bus driver, drove us the hour and a half to the first stop on our tour, Montezuma Castle.

While driving to the Castle, Chris and Mike offered “infotainment” about the history of Phoenix, some of the native plant species in the area, what flags have flown over AZ, etc.

A few minutes before we got to the Castle, we picked up Jack, an expert on local history. He gave us a brief history of the Southern Sinagua, the prehistoric culture who built Montezuma Castle in the 1100’s and lived there until the early 1400’s.

Jack talking about the Sinagua in front of Montezuma Castle

Joe looking at the Castle

A hidden Mickey at Montezuma Castle?

We spent about an hour exploring the area, which was mainly comprised of the ruins of the Sinagua housing. More information about this National Park area can be found HERE.

Back on the bus, we drove the 40 minutes or so to Sedona. We knew we were getting close when we became more and more surrounded by beautiful mountains of red rocks.

We arrived at the Amara Hotel around 4:30ish and, after getting our room assignments and a quick debriefing of when and where we were going to meet for dinner (and a warning to not lie down in the beds…gee, with the 3 hours of sleep we’ve gotten since Friday morning and it’s now late Saturday afternoon, why on earth would they warn us about that?), we went to our rooms to unpack, freshen up and get ready for dinner.

We left our room around 5:30pm to take part in some complimentary wine and hand massages in the lobby, and continued on to the “Meditation Room”, a banquet-style room just above the lobby, for our dinner.

We started with a fruit and cheese plate and passed hot hor d’oeuvres of teriyaki chicken, beef skewers, chicken wrapped in prosciutto and skewers of mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts. After this was a short information session led by Mike and Chris, so we would get a better idea of what to expect on the tour and a chance for all of us to introduce ourselves so we could get to know each other.

A buffet-style dinner was next, with sourdough rolls, a pear salad, a green leaf salad, steamed veggies, a potato dish that was akin to, but not exactly au gratin, salmon with a fruity sauce, a carving station of filet of beef and an AMAZING chocolate bread pudding for dessert.

We had live entertainment during the hor d’oeuvres and and meal, provided by 2 cowboys who sang traditional cowboy songs.

After dinner we were provided infotainment from Maggie, a local animal handler who gave us examples of some of the “critters” we might come up against while in the southwest. She had the skull of a local mammal, a rattlesnake skin, a live baby king snake, a constrictor snake named Spirit and a tarantula named Sahara. The latter were available for any of us who wanted to hold them, so a few brave souls volunteered.

We parted ways after dinner, with Mike and Chris reminding us to be downstairs for breakfast between 8 and 9 tomorrow morning. And with that, we could FINALLY go to sleep (grin). More tomorrow…